John Exadaktilos is the owner of Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City. (One of the best sports bars on Absecon Island)

The well-known Exadaktilos, better known as ‘Johnny Ex’, is not only a business owner, he’s a tax paying resident, a great father & loving husband. He’s also an online influencer. His weekly Facebook webcast is a must-watch on Mondays at 5pm.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is topic #1 for Johnny Ex on most Mondays. Some episodes are spicier than others.

On Oct 31, Exadaktilos shared news with his Facebook followers that local media usually ignores. You don’t hear about this stuff in the Press of Atlantic City. You won’t hear about this at Ventnor Commission or School Board meetings either.


Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin says AC BOE just signed a 5-year lease to rent office space for the Atlantic City Public Schools central administration offices.

The 5-year deal will cost the taxpayers of Atlantic City $700,000 per-year. That’s a $200k rent increase from $500k.

Frank Barbera
Atlantic City Frank Barbera School Board Corruption
From NOV 2007.

Ventnor will be affected by this as well. They get a voting seat on the board.

Ventnor is a ‘sending district’ to ACHS, paying $4mil per year to send 191 students to Atlantic City High School.

Ventnor typically vote YES to everything the AC School Board supports.

Ventnor Mayor Beth HJoltzman
Ventnor Mayor Endorses AC School Boss Small

Mayor Beth Holtzman controls a seat on the AC BOE. Holtzman appointed Michael Cupeles to cast her ACBOE vote.

They want to build a new administration building for $10 mil.

For past 20 years, AC BOE has rented office space inside the CitiCenter building.

The CitiCenter Building. 1300 Atlantic Avenue is home to the Atlantic City Board of Education. The CRDA Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was willing to spend $12.6 million to renovate space in Boardwalk Hall for the board to use rent-free. Atlantic City Board of Education also has space to use at the high school.

John Devlin is a member of the Atlantic City Board of Education.

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5 thoughts on “Ventnor Still Supports Corrupt Atlantic City School Board?”

  1. Has the mayor of Ventnor City ever publicly explained her support of the AC BOE ? As a new Ventnor City full time resident I’m appalled that she supports a failing system

    1. I think the Ventnor mayor is quite wrong on this situation but it’s a big leap to go from a wrong opinion to accusations of corruption.

  2. 30 Year Ventnor Mom

    Stop sending $4mil to corrupt AC school admin & pedo protectors. Give $ to parents to send Ventnor kids to high school of choice.

  3. ACBOE is corrupt as are all school boards. Desperate for teachers yet will not interview you unless you know the right people.

    In most cases, interview is only a courtesy to fill state requirement of interviewed candidates. So substitutes get hired, cheaper!

    In the end, they save money. Kids suffer and quality educational professionals are not being utilized.

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