Will Atlantic County Support Investigation into Atlantic City Student Sex Abuse?

Local parents still pressing Atlantic County officials to support investigation into student sex abuse within the Atlantic City School District. Ventnor is a ‘sending district’ to AC High School.

Did State of NJ do proper background check on a teacher already considered to be a child predator?

Did Atlantic City School boss LaQuetta Small and Mayor Marty Small warn NJ State about their cousin’s criminal behavior?

Why did NJ State Child Protection hire predator teacher Frazier, even after being fired from Atlantic City schools?

Parents ask: Did Atlantic County, Atlantic City and Ventnor officials read the 95 page, FBI report?

Kayan Frazier is the cousin of La’Quetta Small, wife of Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

La’Quetta Small was principal of Pennsylvania Ave School when cousin Kayan Frazier was a substitute teacher there.

LaQuetta and Marty Small are defendants in a still ongoing, child sex abuse lawsuit

During public comment, Penn State football Jerry Sandusky incident was referenced. Not only was Sandusky convicted of student sex abuse, but those that ignored the abuse, like legendary coach Joe Paterno, also paid a heavy price.

Resident David Callaway told Atlantic County Commissioners: Abuse by Frazier also happened in Small’s home. A cover up. Did former prosecutor Damon Tyner know? (see video)

Frazier was never charged under state law with child rape or other crimes. Frazier was only convicted on federal charges related to child pornography.

Resident Craig Callaway

When Frazier was arrested, they found thousands of pornographic videos and photos of children.

Marty Small Student Sex Abuse
BreakingAC: Callaway & Small.

NOTE: Ventnor sends 191 students to Atlantic City High School at cost of $4mil per year. Ventnor endorsed Laquetta Small for School District Superintendent position. Ventnor voted YES to give outgoing school boss Caldwell a 12% raise.

Did AC Mayor Marty Small really say that on a national radio show?

Parents demand Mayor’s wife, LaQuetta Small, be removed from her position as school district superintendent.

Who endorsed elementary school teacher/predator Kayan Frazier for the NJ state job working with kids? Did NJ state do proper background check on Small’s cousin?

When will Ventnor find a better, safer High School to send 191 students? Maybe we split the $4mil per year, and give it to parents of those 191 students in ACHS. That’s called school choice. Stop supporting a dangerous school district with Ventnor taxpayer money.

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  1. Child molester protectors……the whole lot of them…ii use these elected officials as an example to my children of how not to live your life. Time for the ventnor mayor to prove us wrong

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