ZOOM Glitch? Brigantine Short-Term Rental Meeting Black-out.

ZOOM Glitch? Brigantine Short-Term Rental Meeting Black-out. 1 ZOOM Glitch? Brigantine Short-Term Rental Meeting Black-out.
Short-Term Rental Meeting Black-Out

Brigantine’s Mayor Vince Sera taking heat for another ZOOM ‘glitch’ at City Council.

On Thursday, Sept 7, seems like the camera was turned off for a major Brigantine meeting about short-term rentals.

Record breaking attendance. 4 hours long. A packed house. Yet remote viewers, many being 2nd homeowners, couldn’t watch it online. The camera and audio were not turned on. There’s no archive video record (YouTube) of this critical meeting.

WOND’s Don Williams said he would be suspicious. ‘Hope we don’t have any monkey business going on. Hope they’re not playing games’.

Listen to Don Williams, WOND Radio, discuss the issue. Sept. 8, 2023.

No live Brigantine Council video stream for the 377 that were watching online. (2nd homeowners)

Brigantine City Manager Tiger Platt has been MIA, missing in action. Platt has yet to take control of these rental issues.

Platt lives in Absecon and is a former Brigantine Fire Chief. Platt was recently hired with a $100k annual salary. Weeks later, City Council voted to give Platt a $50k raise, for a total of $150K. That’s 50% more than previous city manager Jim Bennett was paid.

Why does City Manager Platt remain silent during meetings?

Residents want Platt to step up and take charge of Brigantine’s short-term rental chaos. Some says it’s a dereliction of duty.

Mayor Sera says he’s afraid of lawsuits from absentee STR landlords. Sera not so afraid of a class-action lawsuit from residential neighborhoods in Brigantine. Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt may be ignoring clear violation of established Brigantine zoning law.


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