Another Dead Dolphin on Atlantic City Beach, Where is MMSC?

MMSC marine mammal stranding center JAY SAMSON
Jay Samson 3.11.24

Whales and dolphins still washing up along the east coast.

Another dead dolphin was beached on March 11 in front of Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

NJ Gov Murphy seemingly not too concerned. Neither are The Press of Atlantic City or the MMSC, Marine Mammal Stranding Center it seems.

Watch video.

Jay Samson Guardians of The East Coast

According to their social media page, Guardians of The East Coast are a proactive group of patriots working around the clock to stop offshore wind from destroying our ecosystem, killing our mammals, destroying local economies, killing tourism, small businesses, and our fishing industry.

NOTE: A harbor porpoise washed up in Stone Harbor at 114 st on 3/10/24.

Samson: While countless mammals perish on our East Coast, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center will be hosting an ‘Ales for Whales’ fundraiser at a Tennessee Ave bar in Atlantic City. Not one empathetic word about any dead mammals since this all began the end of 2022.

The owner of this bar, a former Press of Atlantic City writer, is ‘pro-wind turbine’.

Jay Samson: A rehab center for mammals, Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) turning a blind eye. Shame on MMSC for being ignorant, arrogant, pompous, and greedy with their hands out for more donations. They (MMSC) run on NOAA grants with our tax dollars.

John Reilly MMSC is a big disgrace & disappointment. As I used to volunteer with them. When all of a sudden, they had a attitude issue, which I didn’t understand. As It took me awhile to figure it out….finding out, there are so many other non-profit groups organizations whom received monies from these wind turbines companies.

Another Dead Dolphin on Atlantic City Beach, Where is MMSC? 1 Another Dead Dolphin on Atlantic City Beach, Where is MMSC?
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5 thoughts on “Another Dead Dolphin on Atlantic City Beach, Where is MMSC?”

  1. Cindy Parker Pekarick

    Jay is right about all the negatives brought about by offshore wind. All citizens should stand up against the industrialization of our ocean.

  2. Employees of MMSC should be publicly flogged for their lack of conscience in the handling of all these dead mammals

  3. It is beyond any reasonable question that the MMSC is sidestepping the issue of these countless dead marine creatures. How one can support wind farms and claim to be an environmentalist is an oxymoron !

    1. Because the MMSC KNOWS there is zero actual direct evidence linking windfarms to the dead marine creatures, despite the emotion, opinion and innuendo folks like you offer. Any comment on the long proven, and serious damages that come from oil and gas production and transport? Or simply no comment as they fund your partisan politics.

      1. There has not been enough investigation to come to your conclusions. It needs to be taken seriously. Wind farms, owned by other Countries in our Oceans is enough for me to say no. In the meantime of serious investigation, what do you think is causing the beaching of these beautiful mammals?

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