Boardwalks and Piers Play Greater Role in Ventnor and Margate.

Do boardwalks and piers add to the quality of life? Love or hate ’em, Margate and Ventnor can’t stop talking, loving and sometimes hating these classic, seashore structures.

Damaging storms of 1944, and then again in 1962, did a number on the boardwalks along Absecon Island. Ventnor decided to repair and reconstruct their portion, while Margate took a pass. Keep in mind, World War 2 was still raging. Not much appetite for stuff like this back then.

During construction of the new Ventnor pier in 2008, the city took tax dollars to help in that build. The pier once was under total control of Ventnor. That’s until they took their first grant dollar. With public funding comes a few restrictions. Hopefully, the pier will feature a small snack bar in the near future.

Approx 75% of Ventnor Pier is free to the public. It’s pretty awesome having just received a serious upgrade and facelift. A small annual fee is charged for those who want to fish.

Upgraded Ventnor Fishing Pier

The Ventnor Pier now features new public restrooms, upgraded lighting, security cameras and office space.

Compare Ventnor to neighboring Margate. Their private fishing pier, officially known as the Anglers Club of Absecon Island, recently took public money to extend their wooden structure by 300 ft. It’s a beauty.

Too bad the Margate residents can’t use it for fishing. Actually, the general public can’t use it for anything right now. Members only until further notice.

Construction of the extended Margate Pier began in January 2020. The new 800’ pier has new huts, sheds, benches and bait tables.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo promised steps, lights and benches on the pier. That plan has yet to materialize. The current beach replenishment squabble with NJ DEP could prolong that lack of access.

A piece of the narrow, landlocked wooden walkway should be open to the public someday. Locked gates will separate the private and public sections of the pier at both ends.

Anglers Club of Absecon Island with approx 400 paid members, is a private, members only, fishing club. It features multiple fishing areas with a shed at the outer tee. The pier is well lit and set up for night fishing .

Anglers Club of Absecon Island

  • 1 year Membership = $350.
  • Members allowed 3 fishing guests per day. $5 per guest.
  • Members allowed unlimited number of guests per day to enjoy pier and clubhouse.

  • President – Jeff Rutizer
  • Vice President – Steve Rice
  • Secretary – Norm Magaziner
  • Treasurer – Bobby  Pludo

Membership Chair is Jean Rutizer. She does membership interviews and brings in new members for the club.


1 thought on “Boardwalks and Piers Play Greater Role in Ventnor and Margate.”

  1. I love riding my bike in Ventnor& AC.
    Actually, I bet all the “nay sayers” & their friends / families do as well!
    I actually don’t understand this backlash against a long standing jersey shore tradition, of boardwalks.
    It’s just another way to safely enjoy sights in a seaside resort town!
    It’s safer, quieter and so peaceful to stroll or bike w/o the bothersome noise & sound of automobiles & trucks & traffic zooming by!
    It’s another way to further one’s enjoyment of our lovely seaside environment.
    IT IS safer than trying to get young kids on bikes / scooters down a street full of cars from Point A to Point B.
    I also understand hesitancy about increased spending. But if it’s well planned the benefits could offer additional hidden rewards!! Why not try to come from a place of YES??

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