Island Gym Ventnor Reopening November 1, 2020.

Island Gym in Ventnor, closed since March 16, is preparing to reopen on November 1.

The popular fitness destination on Wellington Ave. has been closed for the past 7 months due to state mandated C-19 lock-downs.

Here’s an update from the website:

Contractors now repairing structural raised floors throughout gym. We discovered multiple large cracks in floors caused by recent storms and severe high tides. For everyone’s safety, damage was significant enough to warrant delaying Ventnor’s reopening (until Nov 1). Landlord very cooperative and is working to make repairs.

Watch video.

As Island Gym prepares to reopen, they’re reviewing the NJ Governor’s list of COVID-19 operating guidelines released on 8-27-20

Island Gym will determine best course of action that provides members, guests, and employees the safest and most motivating environment possible.

Need info about membership, billing, and time lost due to state-mandated closure? See below:

Island Gym Ventnor COVID-19 Membership Credit and Billing Information

Island Gym Ventnor

Dear Member,

This information is available to help address everyone’s questions and concerns regarding prepaid membership time lost, in addition to addressing payments inadvertently made during the state-mandated COVID-19 closure.

Past Due Balances

Waived and credited all past due balances to $0. No one will owe any money their first day back. They want everyone to start off fresh and not worry about any past due balances.

Prepaid Standard Memberships

All membership expiration dates will be extended the exact amount of months the gyms were closed due to COVID-19.  There is nothing you need to do. They will take care of everyone’s account prior to our reopening.

6 Month Advantage Memberships

All membership expiration dates will be extended the exact amount of months the gyms were closed due to COVID-19. Yes, if you joined in March you will have at least a 6-month free credit. Monthly open renewal billing will begin thereafter. As always, there is no obligation past the original 6-month term.

Membership Dues Paid During Closure

Any member that was charged in March or during the closure is entitled to the membership time. However, they are offering everyone (3) months membership credit for those inadvertently charged between March 17th and April 15th.  

For all other questions please email [email protected]. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow some time for reply.

Island Gym Management



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