Brigantine and Ventnor Residents Endure Short-Term Rental Hell

Virtual Motel Zones.

Loud music, underage drinking and partying that continues through the night. Welcome to our short-term-rental hell along the South Jersey shore.

Once quiet neighborhoods in Ventnor and Brigantine being slowly converted into virtual ‘motel zones’.

Absentee landlords running commercial businesses within a residential neighborhood.

Who’s to blame? Well for starters, weak zoning law, poor enforcement of ordinance, and ease-of-use with online rental tools like Airbnb.

From Press of Atlantic City. Mayor Sera of Brigantine: We have about 2,000 short-term rental properties in Brigantine. We have one person who does inspections, and one code enforcement official to handle short-term rental properties and new construction. We need to start looking at bringing in staff. (editor note: no kidding)

Brigantine has the most lax, poorly enforced short term rental (STR) laws. Ventnor not much better, especially with investigation into the Ventnor Code Enforcement Department.

  • Margate has 7 night rental minimum
  • Longport has 14 night rental minimum.
  • Ventnor has 3 night rental minimum.

To date, Brigantine’s Mayor Sera still opposed to common restrictions used by other shore towns.

  • 7 night STR minimum.
  • Minimum 25 yrs of age to rent.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Limits on how many properties an absentee STR landlord can own.

Things not likely to improve when Brigantine’s new city manager gets started. Residents surprised that former Brigantine Fire Chief, Tiger Platt has been selected to run the City of Brigantine. Lack of municipal management background, and connection to a past overtime scandal cited as main concerns with this controversial choice.

Brigantine short term rental Tiger Platt, Bennett, Sera.
Brigantine’s Platt, Bennett, Sera.

Learn more about Brigantine’s Tiger Platt.

Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera now punting to a hand-picked subcommittee to handle issues surrounding short-term rentals.

Brigantine residents and local Real Estate agents worry about family homes being converted into party houses, disturbing quality of life, and harming home values.

In 2017, Brigantine council passed a series of ordinances, the so-called Animal House ordinance. For past 6 years, enforcement is lax or non-existent.

Is Brigantine’s Mayor beholden to home builders and absentee landlords? Yes, say neighbors, off the record, fearing retribution.

Brigantine’s next council meeting: July 12 at 5 p. at City Hall.

Watch video: How Short-Term Rentals Harm Local Communities.

Watch: Short-Term Rental Harms.

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