Do Short-Term Rentals Harm Neighborhoods and Small Business?

Popularity and Influence.

Poorly regulated short-term rentals can do serious harm to local shore communities. Not just to neighbors, but small business too.

Chasing away customer base in the off-season. Reducing year-round housing stock.

Do short-term rentals Harm local communities?

Downside of Short-term Rentals.

Absentee landlords converting family homes into mini-motels. Outside investors operating a business within a residential neighborhood.

STR’s reduce residential housing stock. Local business can’t find local employees. Small business can’t survive in the off-season. Many shut down in off-season.

Full time residents can’t afford to live in a town they grew up in.

Challenge of Mixed-Use Development

Talking Margate mixed-use development with Sherri Lilienfeld of eXp Realty.

Properties conforming with Master Plan, but controversial within CBD, Central Business District of Margate.

Residential above commercial properties.

Latest mortgage rates from Paul Zgalich of RATE.COM.

Mortgage Rates.

Ventnor just adopted a 3 night minimum after considering a 5 night minimum. Most shore towns have a 7 night rental minimum in order to reduce number of party houses.

Brigantine has virtually NO restrictions on short-term rentals.

Watch latest DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate webcast of June 15, 2023.


2 thoughts on “Do Short-Term Rentals Harm Neighborhoods and Small Business?”

  1. Joel Steinberg

    Short term rentals means a turnover of new customers for local businesses. To imply that short term rentals translates into more noise, parked cars, etc. seems disingenuous. The two should not be equated. Of course all new tenants should be made aware of local noise ordinances, parking regulations, etc.

    1. Being made aware of ordinances and rules is meaningless without enforcement. That’s a big part of the issue. And also accountability for the STR owner is key as well. In prior articles on this topic, some STR owners have indicted (bragged) they simply won’t follow the rules of licensing, registration etc.

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