City Solicitor Gives Update on Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk Initiative.

margate boardwalk committee

On Jan 16, Margate City Solicitor, John Scott Abbott, updated commissioners on efforts to rebuild the beloved Margate Boardwalk.

Listen as Solicitor Abbott speaks in code….until Commissioner Amodeo asked: what are you talking about? Listen to AUDIO >

1.16.2020. Solicitor Abbott Talks Boardwalk

Abbott: they want to place a non-binding question on the ballot. ‘The Initiative request was withdrawn by proponents,’ referring to Glenn Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC).

Abbott: They have the right to do that under law. They withdrew. City Clerk Johanna Casey agreed.

Abbott: The ball’s in their court. (referring to Klotz & MBC)

This critical item was not mentioned on the agenda, which seems to be consistently posted at the last minute. Residents say this keeps attendance low at Margate Commission & Planning Board meetings.

Oddly, Margate public meetings start at 4p. Way too early for the average person to attend. Most other towns start their meetings at 6pm.

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3 thoughts on “City Solicitor Gives Update on Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk Initiative.”

  1. Boardwalk costs are not being properly described. Klotz and co-conspirators are not truthful. It has beeb said we would need to hire six mor police officers. Salary and benefits for these people would exceed $600,000 annually. Add in additional first responders (fire and ambulance). Insurance costs have not been discussed. Maintenance costs should be accurately assessed as well. All adds up to increasing our taxes in a non-commercial (no $$ generating) zone which won’t offset the tax hike that is sure to follow.

    1. You’re nuts 6 more police officers. That’s a diversion tactic by this who oppose the boardwalk. How many Ventnor police are there per capita in that town versus margate …. that the model to easily follow. The math doesn’t add up to any more officers. More important, once marijuana is legalized towns would need to cut their police staff bc that is 80% of their work… drug hunting and writing low hanging fruit marijuana summons that were heard in Municipall court and will so disappear … atop the non-sense

  2. And you forgot to add in the graft that the corrupt 3 Amigos will skim from this project. Remember, any government project will cost 2X more and take 2X longer to complete. Eyes wide open folks!

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