Closing Table Trouble. Hidden Gem: Lower Chelsea

Downbeach Real Estate Webcast. May 6, 2023.

Ever get to the closing table and find your home loan / mortgage money fell thru?

For some insight into this Real Estate nightmare, watch video above featuring Paul Zgalich of and Sherrie Lilienfeld of EXP Realty.

Even after the Stockton University expansion, The Chelsea neighborhood of AC still has too many retail vacancies. Small business would return if the Atlantic City Mayor would support brighter streets and more police on patrol.

Too may retail vacancies remain, right across from Stockton University. The need for more police presence. Don’t see many students walking off of campus.

Did Stockton University revitalize the neighborhood? That’s debatable.

Lower Chelsea considered more often by those priced out of Margate and Ventnor. Lower Chelsea is right next to Ventnor. Older homes. Charm. Classic design architecture. Large lots.

Pre-qualification letters not always a sure thing. Commitment letter = crap shoot?

The challenges in finding a premium, annual rental in the Downbeach area of Margate, Ventnor, Longport and Lower Chelsea.

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