Do Not Disrespect The Geator, Jerry Blavat and Memories in Margate

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Memories in Margate had a spectacular Memorial Day weekend 2021. Huge crowds and people waiting in line to celebrate the re-opening without mask and social distance restrictions.

Sadly, Memorial Day Weekend 2021 at Memories in Margate featured situations that were never experienced before.

The Geator: Last weekend, I was surprised to find a number of young people who were not respectful of our guidelines. Rules that have kept Memories a successful and safe haven for 49 years.

Generation after generation come to Memories.

For almost his entire life, Jerry Blavat, The Geator, has been entertaining people of all ages, all races, denominations and sexual orientations. Ages 21 to 101.

The Geator

This past weekend, I (Jerry Blavat) saw people who have never been to Memories before, come in and act like cowboys in the Wild West.

Unfortunately, the first thing that happens when someone is asked to leave for a legitimate reason, is for them to go on social media and accuse the club of being racist, homophobic or transphobic.

When denied entrance or asked to leave for one of the above reasons, or because the club was full to capacity and we could not allow in more people, it had absolutely nothing to do with who they were kissing or dancing with or what race or sexual orientation they were.

Remember also, that we have to control the outside, otherwise there’s a problem once you’re inside. Often, people aren’t allowed in because we’re full to capacity. And the first thing they say is that I’m racist or anti-gay.

We want EVERYONE who comes to Memories to feel safe, to dance, to have fun. If you’re asked to leave, it’s for breaking one of the rules, so please do not resist.

Part of the success of Memories has been due to posted rules and regulations. These are the rules. They help make Memories what it is. A fun and safe place for all.

  • No drinking on dance floor. If you spill a drink on someone, or you slip and fall because someone spilled a drink, or maybe cut yourself on broken glass, it’s a problem.
  • No smoking or vaping inside club.
  • Proof of age. Must have proper ID to enter club.
  • Must be dressed appropriately – no flip-flops, torn jeans or cutoffs, undershirts, etc.
  • You cannot be intoxicated or unruly when entering, or enjoying the club

Throughout the history of Memories, they have NEVER discriminated.

Memories Margate Jerry Blavat Geator

Earlier in the evening, guests of Memories range from age 35 to 85. As the night goes on, the age range is 21 to 65.

The word is respect. I respect you, and it also should go other way.

We welcome everyone. all ages. But please be respectful. Remember that other people share the space with you and also want to have fun and experience what Memories is all about.

If you’ve read my book, you know who I am. You know that my whole life has been dedicated to making people happy. Memories in Margate is one of the ways I have done that. It has been successful for 49 years.

Please be respectful of the traditions that have created so much fun and happiness all these years for all people of all ages, races, and orientations.

The Geator, Jerry Blavat

11 thoughts on “Do Not Disrespect The Geator, Jerry Blavat and Memories in Margate”

  1. Tell it like it is Jerry ,
    You don’t have to explain the rules to anyone.
    They should know the rules . Keep on rockin cause you only rock once !

  2. Jerry,you want respect, you and your staff have to give respect. I know the last few weeks have been troublesome. Sometime young adults have no respect, I am happy to see that you have the proper people working to keep things calm, but I will say as a mature adult I have gotten no respect from your man Willie. As we have spoke about this issue I can not bring myself back to memories. Time again he is as nasty as can be. Not a way to great your guestS!

  3. This is what happens when the city leaders turned Margate into Wildwood. You get what you voted for, I hope you are all happy so stop complaining!

  4. The amount of trash that was left outside on the street and in the front of the Margate Mariner is unacceptable… Trash cans need to be placed outside while they are waiting in line! Lemons/Limes , knives , and cans were found hidden in the bushes… Please have your staff check outside at end of night. Thank you

  5. Ok so what the heck really happened?

    Who was there? What rules did they break?

    Can someone set the record straight ?

    Hate how these articles refuse to cite specifics, in the interest of being PC.

    So what happened????

  6. Enlighten us, how exactly is Margate like Wildwood, except in your exaggerated, silly comparison? You mean like the boardwalk? Oops. You mean the demographics? Oops. You mean like the property values? Oops.

  7. A few times, though rarely, people have been asked to leave Memories because they’re overly intoxicated or disruptive (spilling drinks on dance floor, falling down or bumping into people, etc.).

    Then they’ve posted online that they were thrown out because Jerry is anti-gay or racist.

    This happened last week, but this time it was a woman who was asked to leave and then accused a staff member of physical abuse when he took her arm to escort her out.

  8. We love the Geator and the integrity with which he runs his club. Shame people don’t know how to behave.

  9. I was there and I can say, there was some young adults that needed to go. I’m a 50 year old who really enjoys going to Memories with all the generations, but I witnessed drinks on the dance floor and they were nicely asked to not have them while dancing and they didn’t listen. There is a dress code, oblige by it or go to Maynards. This isn’t discriminatory against anyone except those breaking the rules. Jerry was in no way disrespectful, as a patron I don’t want to be surrounded by that behavior either. They were given the chance to follow the rules and didn’t.

  10. Come on man’
    You fried bigger fish 😂 in a frying pan.
    These younging’s need to know :
    Your music takes the bull shit outa life.
    If can’t dance to your music 🥊 they need to go
    Jc by the sea

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