Downbeach Reader Feedback on Ventnor Vacation Rentals

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DownbeachBUZZ reader feedback: Glad to hear that unruly behavior has attracted the attention of Ventnor City Hall. Caution is needed before jumping into over-regulation of Ventnor home rentals. It can backfire and have unintended consequences. It can burden the property owner. It can damage Ventnor property values.

I think this Ventnor rental conversation results from derelict properties attracting derelict tenants.

The current Ventnor certificate of occupancy process and CO inspection (certificate of occupancy) is obtained only after the tenant has signed the lease and taken the property in its current condition.

Some derelict rental units fail a CO inspection for cleanliness and paint. But, the derelict tenant has already accepted living in those conditions.

A CO, Certificate of Occupancy inspection should be required to obtain any type of Ventnor rental licence.

Setting housing standards will attract quality tenants by raising the quality of our housing stock. I say, let them all come.

Greater demand raises our Ventnor rental rates, our property values and quality of life. Let’s move in the right direction, carefully.

Signed, Concerned Ventnor Resident.

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