Jersey Shore Fishing Report 12.29.2018

new jersey wind turbines
Wind Turbines

Audio clips from Shep on Fishing. WOND Radio. 12.29.18

Show notes and topics covered:

Spoils. Rocco from Margate called in to discuss dredge materials. They are really ‘spoils’. 

Ocean City and Margate need a spot to dump their spoils.

Congressman Frank LoBiondo honored in Brigantine for a beach that erodes soon after each dredging project.

  • Flounder regulations for summer 2019.
  • The hope for a ‘Slot Fish’.
  • Offshore wind turbines. Good or bad for fishing?
  • A commercial fisherman can catch 14 inch flounder. Recreational anglers can only keep 18 inches and above; female breeders.
  • A return of Weakfish?
  • Striped Bass decline? Can mainly be found miles out to sea.

Dredging for beach building likely plays negative role in decline of recreational fishing in the surf. Forces anglers to hire charter boat to go well past 3 miles out.

Dealing with mortality fish. The throw-backs.

Wrecks and structures provide better fishing grounds.

Invasive Dogfish. AKA Spiny Dogs. Stealing bait off the bottom. Part of shark family. 

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