DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate Webcast, JAN. 4, 2024

Watch video from Jan 4, 2024

Real Estate news from Margate, Ventnor, Longport, Lower Chelsea, Brigantine.

Topics covered in this episode of the DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate Webcast:

  • Latest mortgage rates.
  • How short-term rentals affect shore communities.
  • Cannabis take-over
  • Accurate home values?
  • Downbeach housing inventory
  • Worksite contaminants.

Featuring Sherri Lilienfeld of EXP Realty and Paul Zgalich of

1 thought on “DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate Webcast, JAN. 4, 2024”

  1. Thank you for an excellent program. I learned a lot by listening to it. I have a second home in Margate and it’s almost impossible to stay informed about local day to day events and trends. No doubt the STR issue is going to explode before too long. Local governments need to do more to manage this phenomenon. I must add, however, that with the demise of motels and other venues that used to be available to working class people, at least the STRs offer a modicum of affordability.

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