Getting Margate Boardwalk Referendum On Election Ballot

Half of the Margate beach is now essentially useless, says community mensch Glenn Klotz. Empty space without views. Limited access for many. This is unacceptable, and can only be remedied by building a new Margate boardwalk.

Option #1: Build a Margate Boardwalk in the area directly behind the berm/dune line. Option #2 is to flatten the beach. That second option is illegal and unavailable.

Sadly, I believe the present reality down at the beach will eventually degrade Margate’s status as a premier beach resort and that adding three more large storm outfall pipes in the coming year will degrade it even more.

A Margate Boardwalk REFERENDUM.

If you’re a registered Margate voter, please write or email the Commissioners. Attend meetings. Tell the Commission you want a referendum choice on the ballot in November. Ask voters to vote YES or No for building a new Margate boardwalk ASAP.

It’s simple. A Boardwalk is like any other infrastructure project. It’s either deemed necessary or unnecessary by the elected body that governs. Voters also play a role directly via referendum.

Non-Voting Property Owners of Margate.

If you own property in Margate but vote elsewhere, you can still help get this issue on the ballot locally. Come to Commission meetings. Go on record asking for a referendum vote. Write or email the Commissioners in support of a Margate Boardwalk and a referendum towards building it.

Second homeowners, this is YOUR town too. This is going to impact full & part-time residents, one way or another.

To get to the beach in Margate, you have to walk a block on the blue plastic carpet (mobi-mats), and then over the berm/dune. It’s a hike.

Contrast this to Ventnor where you can access the beach directly from the boardwalk. Just enter onto a wooden ramp from the street ends. It takes you right to the boardwalk, at the top of the berm/dune. Easy access to beach.

Today, Ventnor has a superior beachscape and boardwalk. Margate has a degraded one. It doesn’t however, have to stay that way forever.

Glenn Klotz

3 thoughts on “Getting Margate Boardwalk Referendum On Election Ballot”

    1. Experts believe that building a Margate boardwalk would be a positive for taxpayers. Funding could come from grants and long-term bonding at very favorable rates. Boardwalk construction would also be subsidized by the substantial increase of new ratables that Margate enjoys each year. Research has shown that Boardwalks are very popular amenities that increase the value of surrounding communities.

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