Margate BUZZ Bulkheads, Mini-Golf, New Italian. June 17, 2018.

margate bulkhead amherst ave

Work underway on much needed, new bulkheads along the Margate back bay. All part of new development on this stretch of Amherst Ave where Captain Andy‘s & Integrity Marine once ruled.

Down the block a bit [closer to Luciano Lamberti’s Sunset Marina & Restaurant] other parts of the aging bulkhead have become more problematic.

Sink holes. Bulkheads that could face substantial failure in near future. aka: roadways being eaten away by back bay surge.

Safety precautions have been implemented. Protective barriers installed.

Margate Welcomes ‘Salt Water’ Italian Cuisine.

Adios Tipsy Taco. Let’s hope ‘Salt Water’ gains traction on this high-profile corner of Margate.

This business district features Johnny’s Cafe, The Breakfast Club, Jolly Pets and other popular retail & dining destinations.

Margate Saltwater Italian Restaurant


Not So Miniature Golf. ‘Congo Falls’ Ready for July 4?

Corner of Ventnor & Adams Ave in Margate. The much anticipated, yet controversial, miniature golf attraction. Not so mini. Should be lot’s of fun though.

Indeed, another landmark development that might offer some guidance, a glimpse, into the planning trajectory of Margate.

How will it affect adjacent business & residential neighborhoods? We shall see.

Margate congo falls golf

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