Happy Birthday Ventnor, Celebrating 119 Years.

Free cupcakes for visitors at City Hall helped celebrate Ventnor’s 119th birthday on Thursday, March 17.

How did Ventnor get it’s start?

In the late 19th century, an American couple visiting England became so impressed with the beauty of a seaside town called Ventnor, that in 1889, when the Camden and Atlantic Land Company decided to name the section of the land south of Atlantic City, they remembered Ventnor, England.

It was Mrs. S. Bartram Richards who suggested the area south of Atlantic City be called Ventnor City, after the English seaside resort.

Ventnor, NJ was named on Jan. 8, 1889. It was incorporated on March 17, 1903.

Today, Ventnor is 2 square miles and has a year-round population of approx 10,000.

Ventnor second homeowners make up the majority of non-voting taxpayers.

Ventnor hosts approx 35,000 residents and visitors during the summer months.

In addition to beautful beaches and it’s popular boardwalk, Ventnor has the longest ocean fishing pier in the state of New Jersey at 1,000 feet.

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