Longport Preps for Margate’s Amherst Ave Traffic Switch

amherst ave margate
Amherst Ave

Longport residents will discuss Margate’s plan to change Amherst Ave traffic patterns. Will a vehicular flow change affect neighboring Longport in anyway?

Two-way traffic will soon become one-way, with all vehicles headed toward the Longport border. One-way toward Longport, from Washington to Coolidge Ave.

Longport Commissioners special meeting: Monday, March 29 at 6p.


Traffic changes are related to Margate’s back-bay, promenade project.

This part of Amherst Ave will be re-paved and re-striped. We’ll get a bike lane too.

Longport Mayor Nick Russo and the commissioners want feedback at this special meeting: Monday, March 29 at 6p.

Attend in person at Borough Hall

or call +1 (571) 317-3122

Access code: 730-022-557

2 thoughts on “Longport Preps for Margate’s Amherst Ave Traffic Switch”

  1. Longport wants to install a barricade on Amherst Avenue where the two towns meet in order to prevent traffic from entering Longport!

    This will direct ALL traffic traveling south on Amherst to turn left on Coolidge Avenue.

    Amherst Avenue in Longport will become a private, inaccessible road solely for the benefit of the privileged bay front owners.

    This plan will disrupt normal traffic flow to benefit a few with self entitlement.


  2. Margate residents wanted and approved the atrocious over sized Lambertis ….
    With no thought about parking
    It boils down to they wanted the money for the bulk head…
    Well… keep your revenue and keep your traffic…
    It’s your problem not Longport’s
    You would think that sister beach towns would talk about the ramifications… oh but wait
    No no … well you wanted it Margate … you keep the traffic and issues that go with it
    We in Longport don’t want your overflow parking for the boaters or the restaurant goers.

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