Longport Ready to Ban Cannabis Retail Sales

LONGPORT ORDINANCE 2021-08 will prohibit operation of any Cannabis business within the boundary of Longport.

A public hearing and final vote will take place on Wed, June 2 at 4pm, inside Longport Borough Hall, 2305 Atlantic Ave.

New Jersey voters approved legalization of a controlled form of marijuana called “cannabis” for adults at least 21 years of age.

On February 22, 2021, NJ Governor Murphy signed into law the “New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act”.

The Act establishes six marketplace classes of licensed businesses:

Cannabis Cultivator: Growing and cultivating.
Cannabis Manufacturer: Manufacturing, prep and packaging.
• Cannabis Wholesaler: Obtaining and selling cannabis items for resale.
Cannabis Distributer: Businesses involved in transporting cannabis.
• Cannabis Retailer: Where cannabis and supplies are sold.

Cannabis Delivery: Courier services for consumer purchases that are fulfilled by a licensed cannabis retailer.

Read Longport Cannabis Ordinance Here

5 thoughts on “Longport Ready to Ban Cannabis Retail Sales”

  1. I hope they will also be introducing a ban on alcohol sales. Alcohol is a far more deadly and addictive drug. 88k die each year from alcohol. Zero die from Marijuana. Alcohol also kills many additional people via car accidents. But studies on marijuana impairment while driving show the effect is negligible…. While no one should drive impaired by any substance, it has been proven that looking at cell phones is a far worse risk than driving high.

    What’s the point? The law makes no logical sense – we are encouraging the purchase and consumption of alcohol but denying the much safer alternative.

  2. I agree with Longport’s decision….!!!
    Can’t understand why more mind altering distractions
    are supported while Skill learning path of opportunities
    are non-existent ….!!!
    enjoy …!!!

    1. Mind altering distractions like alcohol? Which is more mind altering, excessive alcohol or marijuana? And before you accuse, I use neither. Please make sure to use more exclamation points, they make your ramblings seem all the more absurd. Enjoy…

    2. Guessing you must harken back to the glory days of prohibition if you take issue with mind altering distractions? And what exactly does that have to do with skill leaning path opportunities? Apparently most of your rants must begin with such gems as “the trouble with you kids today”. … !!! enjoy, Gramps. …. !!!

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