Margate Beaches to Get Risky Outfall Drainage Pipes

Margate Outfall Pipe on Beach
Outfall Pipe. Pic: Myrtle Beach Online

Some in Margate are sadly celebrating the recent deal made with the Army Corp & NJ Dept of Environmental Protection. Margate will get 4 new ‘outfall’ pipes. They will drain tainted storm-water from the streets, directly into the surf & bathing areas of Margate.

Margate will have five 48-inch outfall drainage pipes on the beach at Brunswick, Granville, Lancaster, Vendome & Monroe Ave.

Will the outfall pipe project be completed by MAY 2018? Don’t hold your breath on that one. Big, ugly pipes staying buried & remaining invisible? Mother Nature says they won’t.

Beach & ocean: top 2 reasons why people buy, rent and vacation in Margate. These natural assets attract consumers who like to spend money. Lot’s of it. The seashore is the critical core of our economy. Without a beautiful and safe oceanfront, our economic engine will sputter and back-fire.

Invasive Outfall Pipe Construction. Will Margate’s economy suffer AGAIN in Summer 2018?

Can we placing our trust in the State of NJ to finish the beach outfall pipe project by MAY 2018? Their track record this past summer was pretty bad. Little to no transparency, disregard for public safety, and an open checkbook to ‘experiment’ with our beaches.

Unlike a private contractor, the Army Corp of Engineers can run past deadlines and go over budget without any penalties.

OUTFALL PIPE EXAMPLE: Naples Florida dealing with controversial runoff drainage pipes that dip into the Gulf of Mexico. Fear: water quality issues could affect beaches.

The Margate ‘outfall pipe drainage plan’ is risky. Most are against it, except for those who financially benefit from this Federal taxpayer funded project.

This Margate dune-boggle is not over. Don’t believe those who tell ya: ‘don’t worry, it’s gonna get better, let’s move forward.’

Will Margate business, home owners, Sustainable Margate, and Real Estate agents step up? Are we all just keeping our fingers crossed? Will Margate keep up the good fight to protect our livelihood & property values?

OUTFALL PIPE EXAMPLE:  During heavy rains, stormwater will bypass the sewage treatment plants and discharge through pipes that dot the coastline of Sydney.

The UNC Coastal Studies project provides us with valuable data on the key microbial pollutants found in storm water, their likely sources, and how they are delivered through storm events.

The Army Corps of Engineers is trying to keep storm water outfall pipes in Rehoboth Beach clear. Too much sand from the beach replenishment filled the pipes.

Steve Rochette, spokesman for the Army Corps, said, “We have to clear the pipes at low tide during daylight when the pipes are visible, particularly when there is a possibility for rain.

Rochette said the corps would continue to keep the pipes clear at low tide. “We have to keep those outfalls open. If they’re not cleaned out they will back up,” he said.

He said when the summer season ends, the corps plans to work with Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to see if a permanent fix like outfall extensions is necessary.