Margate Boardwalk Committee. Spring Update 2019.

The following is from Glenn Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee, Inc.

Glenn Klotz is the Margate Boardwalk Committee Director.

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article; WHY MARGATE NEEDS TO BUILD A NEW BOARDWALK. That article detailed why I thought the Army Corp of Engineers beach project has created the necessity for building a Boardwalk in Margate today.

Not much has changed since then, except that the condition of the beach has deteriorated even further because of the five massive storm water outfalls that have been constructed on it since last year.

Today, building a Boardwalk is even more of a necessity considering what’s down there now. We believe it’s absolutely doable, if the voters and taxpayers want it done.

margate boardwalk
Margate Boardwalk Committee

The biggest change that has happened since I wrote the article is that thankfully now I’m part of a group, The Margate Boardwalk Committee Inc.

  • Steve Davidson
  • Ellen Lichtenstein
  • Charlene Polakoff
  • Stefanie Bloch
  • Glenn Klotz

Our Margate Boardwalk Committee is a NJ non-profit corp. / 501c3 charity formed specifically to advocate for the building of a Boardwalk on Margate’s beaches from Ventnor to Longport.

Toward that end, we’ve been very busy this year creating a comprehensive report and multimedia presentation for the community about the facts involved with the building of a Boardwalk in Margate. We hope to have the report and its accompanying multimedia presentation completed sometime this spring or summer, at which time we will publish it at our website, as well as presenting it to various groups and individuals in and around Margate. It will also be given to the mass media for publication.

We decided to create a report and presentation because we all felt it was necessary to sort fact from fiction for Margate’s citizens so they would know exactly what such a project would entail for them and the community.

We also felt it was necessary to create such a report and presentation to counter the inevitable half-truths and falsehoods that have been and probably will be promulgated by those opposed to the idea. In the meantime, our Committee will be speaking out publicly on this topic.

Our sole mission is to educate and advocate for the building of a Margate Boardwalk ASAP. We are also accepting donations and have set up a GoFundMe site specifically for that purpose. If you would like to make a donation to us there, use their search feature to find us as “The Margate Boardwalk Committee.”

All donations given to us are tax deductible. We also have a “group” and a “page” on Facebook called The Friends of the Margate Boardwalk where you can see daily discussions and updates about things surrounding the Margate Boardwalk Project.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee is dedicated to allowing Margate’s voters and taxpayers to have the final say “locally” on the building of a Boardwalk in Margate. We believe that it would be better to decide this issue one way or another, sooner than later, especially considering the seriously broken nature of the beach in Margate today.

Help us in our effort to remedy this situation by building a beautiful new Boardwalk and thus providing Margate with a wonderful new multi-purpose year round attraction, while also greatly enhancing Margate’s most important single asset, its beach.

Glenn Klotz, The Margate Boardwalk Committee Director.

4 thoughts on “Margate Boardwalk Committee. Spring Update 2019.”

  1. Jack McDermott

    I am a big supporter of the boards. It will give better access to tge beach for seniors and the handicapped and all residents and visitors. It wull akso protect, to some degree, erosion of the beaches during storms, stronger currents and wind. It will benefit all of Absecon Island. One small thing to think about is the name. There are strong feelings for calling it “Margate”. Understood… but, if you call it Downbeach Boards it will get better buy in from the whole island perhaps with donations, time, and energy. Leaving it as “Margate” only, does not allow for it…
    Either way, let’s build it. Thanks to Glenn and all the volunteers!!


      Thanks Jack! We used Margate not Downbeach in our name because we are only advocating building a Boardwalk in Margate and all of us on the Committee are Margate residents. We agree that a Margate Boardwalk would benefit everyone on Absecon Island, as well as the region and would be another step in rebuilding the grand Absecon Island long Boardwalk that once existed in the 20th Century. We hope to eventually get the issue on a ballot at some point in the near future. We look forward to meeting you. Once again thanks for your kind words and support!

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