Margate Boardwalk Committee Update.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee is currently meeting with our local elected Commissioners. We will be meeting with other folks as we go forward in this process.

When we finish the first round of meetings, we’ll post a report. We’re also planning some public events in the month of August. Dates, times and location to be announced.

Stay tuned. We’re just revving up here. If it seems quiet at the moment, that doesn’t mean we aren’t very busy moving forward.

The GOOD news: The Margate Boardwalk is no longer just a media story. We actually moving forward toward making it a reality.

The Members of the Margate Boardwalk Committee: Steve Davidson, Charlene Polakoff, Ellen Lichtenstein, Stefanie Bloch & Glenn Klotz.

Some Margate Boardwalk FAQ’s:

Voters could see a Margate Boardwalk referendum question on the upcoming, 2019 Spring election ballot.

3 thoughts on “Margate Boardwalk Committee Update.”

  1. Patricia Costello

    I’m so happy to hear there has been progress in the Margate Boardwalk project! I truly hope it becomes a reality. My brother visited me last week and for the first time this year he helped me to the beach and I saw up close the damage they have done to our beaches. Because of my knee injury I can’t do the beach any more because the “mountains” for dunes we are left with, I can not climb on my own. The Boardwalk would be a Godsend ! Thanks to the committee heading this project.

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