Margate Commissioners Consider Additional Funds for Litigation & Events

Mayor Becker of Margate

The Margate Board of Commissioners will vote on a variety of issues relating to legal issues and funding of the Margate Business Association.

One such vote will be to reappoint John Scott Abbott as City Solicitor for the term of June 20, 2019 through June 20, 2020.

Mayor Michael Becker of Margate is authorized to execute a contract with a minimum retainer amount of $84,000 to Mr. Abbott. The contract amount including legal services litigation and special projects can go as high as $125,000.00. between the City of Margate City and John Scott Abbott.

The hourly fee for legal services outside the scope of details in the contract, will be $150.00. Details of Mr Scott’s contract have not been made public.

Margate Business Association still in need of public subsidy. Taxpayers will provide $95,000 in funding.

The Margate Board of Commissioners has determined a need to render assistance for marketing and event planning from the Margate Business Association (MBA) and Ed Berger, President of Margate Business Association.

Last year, the MBA needed financial help as well. Acknowledging the lack of MBA financials, Margate Solicitor Abbott, Mayor Becker, Commissioners Blumberg and Amodeo all agreed to cut the check for $95k. With one caveat. MBA President Ed Berger must promise to provide all financial details of his organization…to the Margate City auditor.

To date, Margate city auditor Leon Costello and/or Mr. Berger have not made those financials publicly available. LISTEN >

Margate Approves MBA Payout Without Financials. 2018.

Margate Residents Along Amherst Still Fighting Barbary Coast Marina.

Amherst Ave Litigation

Margate taxpayers will dig a little deeper to pay for special counsel for representation in the matter of Harbor Vista Limited Homeowners Association vs The City of Margate, and Barbary Coast Marina.

Amherst Ave. litigation cost to Margate taxpayers will now be $10,418.65.

Background: Margate Board of Commissioners will increase amount of contract with Dorothy McCrosson, Esq. of Ocean City. McCrosson is special counsel for representation in the Matter of Harbor Vista Limited Homeowners Association, Inc. v City of Margate and Barbary Coast Marina, LLC.

Learn more about Dorothy McCrosson of Ocean City, here.

4 thoughts on “Margate Commissioners Consider Additional Funds for Litigation & Events”

  1. Are you kidding me? $95,000 and no records? How dare they spend our tax dollars with no regard to rules. Now their hand is out again. I love what the MBA does, but where are they spending my money?
    How much goes to Berger’s company? ACCOUNTABILITY!

  2. Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. The situation in Margate politics is beyond disgraceful but not surprising given the low level of ethics of the people involved. The majority of taxpayers can’t vote so there is nothing anyone can really do about it another than complain.

    1. Margate School Graduate ?

      The last 3 words should be —— “other than complain” not ” another than complain” !!!

  3. Please HELP !!! Does anyone know the puppeteer who has their hands up the backs of Margate’s 3 town Commissioners ? Margate’s politics , nepotism , and financial disregard for spending taxed raised funds is truly disgusting and totally appalling .

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