Margate Commissioners Recap from July 16

margate homeowners
MHA President, Jay Weintraub

Margate Commissioners met this week on July 16. Members of the Margate Homeowners Association were in attendance and provided the following recap.

During public comment, Island House resident Henry Gorenstein addressed concerns about Ventura’s Greenhouse being converted into a high-rise.


Gorentstein asked Commissioners Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg if they listened to the Sept 2018 audio as promised. On that particular recording, all three stated that the ‘high-rise deal was a dead matter’. All three admitted they did not listen as promised.

Rebuild The Margate Boardwalk Referendum

Commissioners discussed proposed, non-binding Boardwalk referendum. ‘Clearly written to scare Margate voters’, says Weintraub. Sway voters to a ‘no’ vote. Not good! They need to make the wording fair.

A non-binding referendum should be something like this: “Do you want Margate officials to explore the building of a boardwalk?” LISTEN >

Boardwalk Referendum

If voters answer ‘yes’ on Nov 3, a feasibility and cost study would then be explored. After that, a presentation of costs and a binding referendum could be put to a vote.

Why not get feedback from 2nd homeowners? These non-voting taxpayers need to be heard. Maybe use a returnable post card for the questionaire?

Weintraub: The referendum wording preferred by the Commissioners is biased against a Boardwalk. It needs to be changed.

MHA’s Jay Weintraub questioned Margate’s employee retirement plan.

Jay Weintraub of the Margate Homeowners Association: The City of Margate may have a problem with it’s employee retirement plan. It needs to be examined in detail.

Margate Retirement Plan

Employees of Margate deserve the best and most cost-effective plan available. Low fees and expenses. Margate taxpayers deserve the same, since they pay for the plan with their tax dollars.

Weintraub asked questions about fees. Who are the trustees? How about fiduciaries, record keepers and investment committee members? What about competitive pricing?

Not one person within the Margate Administration was able to provide answers. Seemed like no one had a clue what I was referring to.

Jay Weintraub, President of MHA

Weintraub plans to submit an OPRA request to find out more.

10 thoughts on “Margate Commissioners Recap from July 16”

  1. What Employee Retirement Plan are your referring to?
    Police & Fire Retirement Plans (PFRS) are administered by the State of NJ, Division of Pensions and Benefits. Public Works & City Hall Staff Retirement Plan (PERS) is administered by the State of NJ, Division
    of Pension and Benefits as well.

  2. Did the City get bounced out of the NJ State Health Benefits Program because of all of the fraud/theft that occurred with city employees that fraudulently used their prescription plans as part of that big scam? If that’s the case, a replacement program will certainly cost big $$$ And impact the retirement plans. Shame for all the great City employees and the taxpayers to carry that burden.

  3. Rebuilding the boardwalk would be great, the 3 Amigos’ resistance is a scam, they want it so they can steal us blind. It will cost 2X as much as budgets and take 2X time to complete. Wake up folks!

    1. exactly why it should be built, regardless of your accusation of stealing, building a boardwalk is not the most economically feasible or responsible thing for Margate to do right now. Building materials and labor costs are at sky high prices and the burden cost of maintenance due to storms and wear is not something you can predict.

      Lets move onto better investments in Margate.

      1. Marlin Fishing

        Margate homeowner for 43 years. There’s no project I would support more, than the Boardwalk.

        Well, fiscal responsibility and removing 3 incompetent, thieving & lying commissioners may be of higher priority…

  4. Remember the RX scam?

    Margate employees have access to one of the most generous retirement plans out there. All you do is get RX prescriptions filled, and then an envelope of cash will appear. Repeat hundreds of times and your retirement account will be flush with cash!

  5. Susan S: As a permanent resident of Margate I am distressed at what appears to be a pay to play administration . The beach view is ruined with unnecessary dunes and now the bay view is being obliterated with construction .. I agree with the suggestions of just putting the boardwalk question sans the commissioners caveats on the ballot . Obviously projects they favor are pushed forward without public support and projects they oppose eg the boardwalk they seek to negatively influence . I am very disappointed

  6. Joel S: I am reminded of an observation by the late Irv Homer, when things are difficult to understand follow the money trail. That likely explains the apparent wink and nod given to restrictions on height of new construction, the giveaway sale of the present water park, the four story height of the new Lamberti’s restaurant that will block sunset and water views. Is it not who you know but how much you can contribute to their reelection campaign? Very sad. Small town USA is getting as bad as D.C.

    1. This is such a frustration! The township is being run by those who are easily distracted by outside influences that should not be part of the consideration.

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