Margate Food Truck Expansion. Addressing Neighborhood Concerns.

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Will safety and parking be affected? That’s what neighbors want to know about Margate Food Truck’s expansion plans. Owners of the 2-story lime green building shaped like a truck, want to expand their burger business at the corner of Ventnor & Frontenac Ave. Expansion could include a one-story addition with seating and bathrooms, as well as a new outdoor patio. They want a new location for their driveway on Frontenac Ave., too.

From the owners of the Margate Food Truck: It has come to our attention that there has been a few inaccurate and defamatory comments regarding the Margate Food Truck and it’s upcoming project.

Contrary to what has been erroneously posted, the proposed project is in fact quite beneficial to the City and its year around and summer residents.

1) The drive through is being closed off and curbed. This does two things: it creates at least one or two more on street parking spaces. This means that beachgoers can park in those extra spots rather than in front of your driveway. It also provides a clear division between motor vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic.

Currently there’s a direct collision between motor vehicles and pedestrians in this area. This is a public safety hazard that must be addressed.

2) Motor vehicles that intend to park in the Margate Food Truck lot are now being directed through the rear drive alley which was the old Sun Bank drive through lane. This prevents motor vehicles from having to circle through the Frontenac neighborhood.

The traffic is directed into the Margate Food Truck property and onto Franklin Ave thereby bypassing all the homes in that area.

3) The indoor seating will provide year around Food service to Margate. Indoor seating cuts down in both littering and loitering in Margate. People who eat inside throw their trash away indoors rather than onto the street or your onto your lawn

4) It gives a place for kids to come to after football or soccer practice and in the summer, it gives kids a place to go instead of loitering outside WAWA causing trouble when all you want to do is pick up a cup of coffee.

5) It provides employment for citizens of Atlantic County.

The operators of the Margate Food Truck will be available by phone between ‪5-6 on Wed, Nov 29‬ to personally answer any concerns from the community. Call ‪(609) 350-6525‬

Please come out November 30th, 6:30 pm at the Municipal Building on Union avenue in Margate to support this wonderful addition to Margate city.

Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Margate Food Truck.

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4 thoughts on “Margate Food Truck Expansion. Addressing Neighborhood Concerns.”

  1. From Kelly Smith: It’s a shame that it comes down to this, the world we live today that everyone wants to write whatever they feel on social media and use these platform to fabricate lies and bullshit just because they don’t like something and there’s people like Mr. Jay Weintraub that wanna take time time to write unnecessary garbage on social media and he uses some of his “followers” or “friends” on fb to turn something into NOTHING, is disgusting!

    Get a life let small business prosper, clearly this person Mr. Jay weintraub has a personal issue with the business that’s all it is, his not really worry or thinking about anyone else but his selfish ass.

    This is bigger than a few extra parking spots, if you really think that leaving it the way it is, is the proper way and his worrying about safety and kids playing well then you need to close that drive thru entrance that the idiots in Margate decided to open. Now that’s dangerous!

    I sat there many times with my family and have to eat with one eye keeping an eye on the corner as people take that corner on Fontenac ave and recklessly take that turn to the drive thru most of them just looking for a easy turn around. That drive-thru has to be closed, period!!

    Another thing Mr. Weintraub did not mention are the job opportunities, as they are turning this restaurant from a 4 month business to a year round one. They will create some full time job opportunities.

    Public bathrooms. Something Margate can use, especially in the summer. How many times have I seen people of all ages urinating in the corners of houses. Or looking for somewhere to wash they hands.

    Young kids can have some where to hang out after school or on weekends and be in a safe environment. As per law, Margate is not allowed to have a McDonalds or Burger King.

    For example: this restaurant doesn’t have a liquor licence so it’s perfect for young kids as they won’t be exposed to that bar environment at all, I can go on and on about the positives but it really doesn’t take much common sense to realize the positive outweighs the negative, I’ll be there job. 30, as a tax paying resident of Margate to SUPPORT these place that has a great staff and DELICIOUS food.

    So my friends let’s cut the negative,hating, jealousy, that a few Margate clowns have against this place.

    Parking sucks, streets get crowded, traffic is crazy but that’s the way it’s been! Do we think that places like Bocca or Dino’s have their own parking spaces or special loading docks for delivery or trash pick up? The answer is NO.

    Kelly Smith

    1. First I need to make this clear, my family and I frequent the Margate Food. We enjoy the food .I supported the Food Truck concept when the idea first came out and still do today. I am sure the owners were hoping to build what would be a Margate Landmark.

      Wednesday afternoon I went to the municipal building and reviewed the plans for the Margate Food Truck. This project, if approved will create a traffic nightmare for the streets surrounding the food truck. Their proposed change to traffic patterns will create a safety hazard to those who walk , park and drive on Ventnor,Frontenac and Franklin Aves.

      With many small children walking and playing on Frontenac and Franklin this will create a tragedy waiting to happen. Further,there is a fence that blocks the view of drivers who will attempt to exit the proposed back thoroughfare onto Franklin Ave. This is a safety hazard.

      The proposed extension of the building will effectively cut off 3/4 of the lower half of the now food truck façade and attaching a building with a design that does not fit into the shore community .By looking at the prints of the proposed project it will look like a center city Philadelphia pizza joint. This will detract from Margates current business and residential environment.

      Regarding parking. The plan ads one parking place on Frontenac and takes away one space on Franklin Ave where a new traffic lane is proposed to enter Franklin Ave.

      Based on the city ordinance the plans do not provide enough parking. With a residence on top of the building and expected increases in business there are not enough parking spaces in the plan and this will have an adverse effect on all the neighbors who live near the Food Truck.

      If this project is approved how much additional business will this bring to the site? If there are only 5,000 full time off season residents in Margate how many will go there each day to keep this business afloat during the months of September through May.

      Do we sacrifice quality of life in Margate and the future of our city scape so a floundering business can hope to do better. I say no! and so do many others who live near this property.

      I hope you come out this Thursday night at 6:30 and voice your opinion for or against the project. If this planned project was on your street you might feel the same as we

      In closing if this project is approved it will leave a bad footprint in Margate that may take years to correct.

      If the building is approved for construction as the plans illustrate we will be left with 1/2 of a food truck. What ever happened to the Food Truck original concept?

  2. I don’t understand why this is even being considered. When the Margate Food Truck was built, people looked at it in disgust. It is ugly and does not fit in with the character of Margate at all! I said, “lets wait and see, maybe it will be a good thing”. Well, when it finally opened a year later, it was worse than I even imagined. The meal I had was not good, I would not return especially since it was expensive! I live in the area, and pass the Food Truck many times a day. I have NEVER seen a line or much of any business being done there. I would understand, (but not like) it if the owners of this business wanted to expand and disrupt the neighborhood to increase the flow of their business, but…there is no business to direct, and to simply try to change the traffic pattern and disrupt the neighborhood in the HOPES that this will bring customers to their business is preposterous and quite selfish. Let the Margate Food Truck prove that they have the NEED to change the flow and feel of Margate’s citizens and visitors BEFORE any irrevocable changes are made.

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