Margate Homeowners Association Plans Candidate Forum

The Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) has invited the incumbent commissioners, along with promising challenger, Calvin Tesler, to a candidates forum. This is all leading up to the MAY 14, Margate election.

Challenger Calvin Tesler, immediately said yes to the forum. No word yet from Mayor Becker, and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg. The 3 incumbents hoped they would run un-opposed. With the addition of Tesler, we finally have an honest race on our hands.

Margate election Calvin Tesler

The MHA has formally requested the participation of the current three commissioners. This would be a Town Hall forum prior to the May 14 election. This will allow all 4 candidates to share their views and positions regarding Margate’s future.

The Margate Homeowners Association offered to be sole sponsor and producer of the candidates forum.

The venue could possibly be Ross School, since a large turnout is expected.

Representatives of Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg promised a response within a week. Why so long to say ‘yes’?margate home owners

Participants would be given questions in advance. No one will be blind-sided.

The MHA is looking forward to a positive response so they can plan this important community event.

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