Margate Homeowners Association to Hold Wind Turbine Webinar

margate homeowners orsted wind turbine

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of offshore wind turbines?

Join the Margate Homeowners Association on Saturday April 24 at 10:30a.

The MHA will be hosting an online Zoom meeting featuring ORSTED, the company looking to install windfarms off the coast of South Jersey.

The Coalition of Absecon Island Communities will also attend.

Orsted will present plans for this green energy project, the largest of it’s kind in America.

There will be a Q and A session.

More details and a link to the meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 5180 4585 Passcode: 741603

Margate Homeowners Association News


MHA has news regarding Mobi Mats and the need for easier walking over the dunes. VP Marc Alch spoke with Margate Public Works about this matter.

Improvements to come:

  • Leveling the beach
  • More Mobi Mats
  • More compact gravel where needed
  • Fixing or replacing wooden posts and cross rails

**Upon completion if anyone still has concerns please call Public Works at 609-822-5038 to make them known.

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1 thought on “Margate Homeowners Association to Hold Wind Turbine Webinar”

  1. Another blow to what used to be our community. The State of New Jersey and the Federal government have usurped our rights and our say on just about everything
    we have loved about Margate. We lost control of our beaches, adding hideous
    undesirable dunes that will often need renewal at the residents expense! The Army
    Core of Engineers presented a consultant that presented a ridiculous and wrong presentation that brought the dunes to our beaches. Another consultant/engineer presented correctly precisely what was going to happened and it sure did! The damage created by hurricane sandy was 5% on the beach and 95% on the bay area.
    What a disaster this process has been. WE NEED HELP TO SAVE WHAT’S LEFT!!!

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