Margate Homeowners Identify Critical Issues That Need Fixing Now.

Margate homeowners Jay Weintraub
Jay Weintraub of MHA

In July 2019, a letter was sent to Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) members asking what their greatest concerns were.

The letter was sent to MHA members that were both full-time and seasonal residents.

Margate Homeowners and Taxpayers List of Concerns.

Here’s a sampling of concerns collected.

  • Street safety. Crossing of Atlantic Ave. Speeding
  • Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk. A majority was FOR rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk. Note: the MHA has NOT taken an official position on the boardwalk question.
  • Margate Commissioners not listening to voices of ALL taxpayers. Many feel ignored. Not taken seriously. Many felt commissioners not being transparent in their dealings with the public and the city’s finances.
  • The Margate Planning and Zoning Board has contractors on the board who can’t be objective. They, too often, have an interest in the results of a vote. Too many conflicts of interest. Standing in the back of the room during a vote, is not recusing themselves.
  • Street flooding. What can be done to remedy this chronic condition?
  • Beach tags. Margate beaches seemingly not well patrolled for beach badges. Why pay, if so many don’t pay?
  • Better maintenance of bathrooms at Huntington Beach facility.
  • Back-Bay dredging.
  • Need for extra trash pick-up after a holiday weekend.

This was not meant to be a ‘complaining exercise’, but a way to collect concerns of MHA members. What are your thoughts and concerns? Leave a comment.

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