Margate Homeowners Question City Expenses, Waterpark & Flood Plans

A top priority for the Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) is to keep a close eye on local leadership. The MHA has shared a few items of note:

Margate Commissioners, Becker, Amodeo & Blumberg, will soon approve items for payment, at the next Margate Commissioners meeting, coming up this Thursday.

How is Margate spending taxpayers dollars?

A few expenses really jumped out. Many are confusing & cryptic. Are Margate taxpayers fully aware of how their money is being spent?

  • Defender bills totaling $1,500.00. Why? Who’s being defended? And for what?
  • Bagels $1,450.00. That’s a whole bunch of bagels!
  • Margate Acting Administrator: $9,702.00 WHO? and WHY?
  • What’s a hero’s helmet? The cost is $1,201.87. JUST asking.


Margate NJ Flooding Plans

Many MHA members expressed concern regarding Margate flooding. The MHA sent a request to Margate Commissioner, John Amodeo. Information was requested regarding a grant for pumps, and Margate’s plan to mitigate flooding.

Here’s how Margate Commissioner John Amodeo responded:  (lightly edited)

Margate and Ventnor did receive a grant to set up a shared service pump system. It will be on the north end of town. Funded partly by both municipalities (Margate & Ventnor) and Atlantic County.

It doesn’t eliminate flooding. It’s designed to pump down the flooded areas quicker. Margate’s priority is to eliminate as much flooding as possible, being we’re on a barrier island.

With FEMA’s recommendation, we changed our ordinance for bulkhead elevations to elevation 8 to help with flooding.

Amherest Ave. bulkheads added outfalls to the bay. Thru our city engineer, we’re in preliminary discussions to design a pump station in the Adams Ave area. It will not stop flooding, but will assist in moving water quickly after a hard rainstorm and high tide.

Margate is the only town in Atlantic County to have a Community Flood Rating (CFR) of 4. This translates to a 25% savings on flood insurance.

John Amodeo: The (proposed) water park has nothing to do with the city. It’s water side of the bulkhead and is under DEP permitting.

Margate NJ School District

NOTE: The Margate School Board meetings are still not being recorded and posted for on-demand listening. School Board agenda items and meeting minutes need higher levels of awareness.

Margate residents still waiting for explanation regarding: Swapping of school principals. Relative of Mayor Becker, Audrey Becker, was transferred from Tighe to Ross. Does this move provide a clue as to which of the 2 Margate schools will survive an impending consolidation? Listen to school discussion at recent commissioners meeting:

Margate School Feedback

10 thoughts on “Margate Homeowners Question City Expenses, Waterpark & Flood Plans”

  1. Let’s send a big “thank you” to Bill Phillips who, due to his tireless, selfless efforts to change the Amherst and N. Huntington Avenue’s 5-way dangerous intersection, is seeing the necessary changes come to fruition. Bill initiated the process years ago, and didn’t let the stall tactics and excuses deter him. (John Amodeo and Mayor Becker tried their best to stop it.) When the construction is done, it will make a huge impact on the safety and sensibility of traffic in that area. And, of course, Amodeo is taking the credit for it. This project is being federally funded, so the 3 Commissioners had no incentive to have it done on time or at all. Nothing would be going into their pockets on this one.

    1. Thanks? Its all self-serving for Phillips. He’s been trying to sell his house and hasn’t been able to do so. Numerous realtors have told him it was because of the intersection. So he doesn’t deserve any thanks.

    1. Is that what they were waiting for?? Many, many near misses and speeding as though they were on a major highway. So speeding and constantly blowing the two stop signs was OK with you??????!!!!!!

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