Margate Police Warn Parents About Dangerous TikTok Challenge

The Margate City Police Department is asking parents to be aware of a disturbing, and dangerous, viral challenge among children.

The Orbeez Challenge, popularized on TikTok, calls for children to use “toys” marketed as splatter guns to shoot water beads at unsuspecting people and vehicles.

Young people have been spotted copying this challenge in Margate recently. The water beads can fire at more than 200 ft/sec and some of the models fire more than 10 beads every second.

Put simply, these are dangerous and can cause injury. Additionally, the use of these toys in this manner is illegal under NJ law and could result in charges being brought against ANY person, juvenile or adult, who would participate in this challenge.

If you see anybody in town participating in this activity, call MCPD.

Parents, if you have one of these splatter guns in your home, please remain in control of it and ensure it’s ONLY used for play, in proper circumstances, and with appropriate safety gear.

1 thought on “Margate Police Warn Parents About Dangerous TikTok Challenge”

  1. When is next local election so we can be sure Bocca is finished twisting the law.Our current administration totally let us down.

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