Downbeach Real Estate Webcast April 2022


The evolution of Real Estate in Margate, Ventnor & Longport.

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Inspiration from Temple University Real Estate Professor, Jay Lamont. Taking classes in Real Estate development and planning.

Ask Sherri. Questions from our readers and viewers.


Marketing an agent. How do people select an Margate or Ventnor Real Estate agent?

  • Empty lots in Ventnor being snapped up for new construction.
  • Margate commercial properties being converted into residential.
  • Property owners seek more ROI by converting commercial properties into vacation homes.

Shore Physicians Group on Ventnor Ave. in Margate.

The very smart, Town Walk project in Margate. Former parking lot for Johnny’s Cafe. Margate Planning & Zoning already approved plans. Retail at street level with residential above.

Margate Baker Burger building and lot up for sale: $3.2 million. Business still operating thru Summer 2022.

Former Margate Chinese Restaurant property for sale. $2 million.

Contact Sherri Lilienfeld of Apex Prime Realty for more detail.

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How is Downbeach Real Estate market different from offshore markets?

How Internet podcasting is slowly replacing over-the-air broadcasts. Real Estate influencers.


4 thoughts on “Downbeach Real Estate Webcast April 2022”

  1. Margate Resident

    Developers only interested in quick, short term monetary gain. They don’t appear to care about long term impact on our communities when they build oversized residential housing or eliminate the commercial properties for their own gain.

    Sunny Sunoco could have been a nice outdoor restaurant venue like what has been proposed for Ventnor. Sunny Sunoco is a commercial lot that is now gone forever.

    The medical building is a loss of medical offices that could have supported our aging population.

    Residents rarely show up at the zoning/planning board meeting. Residents need to get involved to save our towns from the developers. Otherwise, these projects gain approval as there is no residential pushback.

    Yes, we need more restaurants. We need to keep our commercial business spaces for Margate to remain attractive to residential buyers.

    1. Ventnor has done a wonderful job of restoring the movie theater and restaurants. Margate is starting to lose it’s small home charm.

  2. What’s the latest on Margate back bay Lamberti’s restaurant building? I noticed water pipes being installed. Any new developments?

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