Margate Questions Lamberti’s Ability To Rebuild Amherst Bulkheads

Lamberti’s Bulkhead Troubles?

Margate officials not happy with the owners of Lamberti’s Restaurant on Amherst Ave.

Margate Solicitor Abbott wants to know, does Lamberti’s have adequate funding to rebuild their portion of the Amherst Ave bulkhead? That was a critical part of a deal where the city conveyed (handed-over) the land in exchange for Mr. Lamberti rebuilding that portion of Amherst Ave’s failing bulkhead system.

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Lamberti’s requested an extension from the City of Margate. They need more time to complete their portion of the bulkhead rebuild.

The Margate commissioners agreed to the extension, subject to new terms and conditions:

  • Lamberti’s must provide 24 public parking spaces, made available 24/7… until the restaurant gets a CO, certificate of occupancy.
  • July 15 is the deadline for Amherst Marina to provide proof of financing. Show that it does have a firm loan in place.
  • July 16: deadline for the start of foundation & piling.
  • Bulkhead work must start by August 5
  • Project must be finished by Nov 1, 2019

9707 Amherst Marina LLC aka Lamberti’s.

Any breach in these terms, and the City of Margate will have grounds to claim default of the entire agreement.

Former Lamberti’s Property

A resident of Bay Club condo and a marina user too, asked about marina fire & safety concerns. A ramp used to run thru the restaurant. There’s only a temporary ramp now. Will all three ramps get back to normal?

Concern that one ramp could have reduced access. No 24/7 access as required by law.

Commissioner Amodeo says DEP mandates full access to State controlled waterways. Mayor Becker a bit less concerned about residential fears.

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  1. Margate should know – there is a public access requirement to the RESTAURANT as well as the docks. The land sits on what should be a sidewalk and this was required from Day #1. CHECK IT OUT.

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