Margate Residents To Learn More About Rebuilding Boardwalk

Glenn Klotz, Lucy, Margate Boardwalk.

After a year of diligent research and discussion, Glenn Klotz and the committee to rebuild Margate’s Boardwalk, will soon share their findings with the general public.

Background: In 2017, Margate’s beaches were radically changed by the controversial dune & beach sewer-pipe project. Easy access to the beach & water were adversely affected. The ‘Friends of the Margate Boardwalk’ committee believe that a Margate boardwalk could substantially fix many of those problems.

Get the current status of the Margate Boardwalk Project on July 13, at Ross School. 10:30am.

Listen to Klotz as he’s the featured guest on WOND Radio, 6.28.19:

Listen: Klotz Talks Margate Boardwalk Meeting

At the presentation, research from Dr. Marissa Levy of Stockton University will be shared. ‘Locational analysis’ and the general welfare / benefit a boardwalk could bring to Margate residents.

Non-commercial boardwalk, allowing for pedestrians and cyclists. The ability to ride thru Margate, all the way to Gardners Basin in Atlantic City. Easier access to the beach.

A petition could soon be circulated. Maybe a referendum is on the horizon? Let the voters and taxpayers of Margate decide.

To be sure, a small but vocal group of opponents are not in support of the Boardwalk idea, fearful that beachfront properties could be affected in some way. Some homeowners might even think the beach is their private front yard.

When it comes to costs, a mixture of grants, subsidies and long-term bonding would keep the expenses in check. With a defined bike lane on the boardwalk, Margate could receive funding from various transportation agencies. The annual increase of ratables (new tax money) would also assist in the funding of this potential project.

Some have suggested The Army Corp of Engineers would love to help build a new Margate Boardwalk.

Other have posited: Why not extend Ventnor Boardwalk to Margate Fishing Pier as a first step?

5 thoughts on “Margate Residents To Learn More About Rebuilding Boardwalk”

  1. I have mixed feelings about a boardwalk. The reason it is being discussed at all is because the beach has been so artificially changed (and ruined) by the Army Core of Incompetents, it is a fix to a problem that the Army Core created in the first place, just like those horrendous drain pipes. Those kinds of ugly unnatural “rube Goldberg” contraptions might be acceptable in places like Louisiana (where many of the workers on the project were apparently from), but they don’t work well here.

    In the mean time, the landscape of the beach and the constructed dune is already changing. The ungainly wall of sand doesn’t actually stick out as much because the ocean has built up the sand on the beach per its natural inclination. But when it takes it away again when the next major storm comes, the dune will probably look more like a cliff. During high tide, there is less room for beach dwellers between the dune and the ocean than there used to be, and the angle down to the ocean from the beach is steep, which makes walking difficult for some people.

    If a boardwalk is built, where would it be placed? How might it affect any future repairs to the dune and beach overall? Given that, as I understand it, the dune will continually be replenished as “needed” for many years per the contract.

  2. If Margate receives funding from transportation agencies imagine the amount of traffic this boardwalk would have from bikers everywhere wishing to ride to the Boardwalk from Margate to AC, or vice versa. I live on the beach block and sit out on my porch with beautiful views not as beautiful as before but I certainly don’t want to be looking at bicycles or a boardwalk. I pay twice the amount of taxes than most other residents in Margate because I live on the beach block.. Would beachgoer have to cross that boardwalk to access the beach trying to avoid the cyclists, that would be dreadful. Don’t ruin the charm of Margate

  3. Downbeach Buzz. Please post this Boardwalk Talk on Facebook. There is no Facebook icon here to allow me to do it.

  4. I have a safety question re the newly expanded “Pickleball” courts at the ex-Union Ave School.

    The previous space allowed for numerous cars to park in the schoolyard when a storm or hurricane was approaching. That number appears to be significantly reduced now that permanent fencing is in place around so much of that space.

    How many fewer cars can now park there now? Where else can cars park pre-storm for those whose streets typically flood even on a heavy rain day?

  5. Please come out on July 13th folks to the Ross school at 10:30 am and hear and see what we have to say about the possibility of having a new Boardwalk extended into Margate. Much has been said about it this past year now come and hear the actual facts. We look forward to seeing you. After our presentation, there will be a Q & A segment and a petition signing. Doors open at 10:15.

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