Margate Voters Will Consider Rebuilding Boardwalk on Nov 3 Election Ballot

margate boardwalk

Glenn Klotz of Margate Boardwalk Committee

Margate voters will soon be asked if the city should consider rebuilding it’s once popular boardwalk. This has been the goal of the Margate Boardwalk Committee‘s Glenn Klotz for the past 2 years. Mission accomplished.

On Aug 6, Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg, will vote on the following resolution which provides ‘referendum’ wording to be placed on the general election ballot of November 3, 2020.

Should Margate do a feasibility study in regards to rebuilding the beloved Margate Boardwalk?

Margate Considers Rebuilding Boardwalk


WHEREAS, the City of Margate City Board of Commissioners desires to ascertain the sentiment of the voters of the City of Margate City (hereinafter “Margate”) with regard to the construction of a new noncommercial boardwalk on its public beach extending from the existing boardwalk at Fredericksburg Avenue in Ventnor City (on the border with Ventnor) to Coolidge Avenue in Margate (on the border with Longport); and

WHEREAS, the intent of this ballot question is for the voters of Margate to express their sentiment and give direction to the Margate Board of Commissioners regarding the construction of a new boardwalk; and

WHEREAS, this ballot question and the determination by the voters shall be advisory in nature and non-binding on the Margate Board of Commissioners.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Margate City Board of Commissioners hereby requests that the Atlantic County Clerk place the following question on the November 3, 2020 General Election Ballot:
“Shall the City of Margate appropriate $285,000.00 to be able to award professional contracts to conduct legal, engineering and financial studies to determine the feasibility and cost of building a non-commercial boardwalk upon Margate’s public beach extending from and connecting to the end of the existing boardwalk at Fredericksburg Avenue in Ventnor (on the border with Ventnor) to Coolidge Avenue in Margate City (on the border with Longport)?

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following interpretive statement concerning the above question be placed on the November 3, 2020 General Election Ballot for the City of Margate City: “This question, if approved by voters, will give direction to the Margate City Board of Commissioners on whether to appropriate money to study the feasibility of constructing a boardwalk as favored by the Margate Boardwalk Committee Inc. at a 2019 cost they estimated to be $24,000,000.00. Initial funds would pay for property ownership title investigations, surveying, preliminary engineering design, test borings, state and federal permitting investigations and financial analysis.”
This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon adoption and shall be transmitted forthwith to the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office.

9 thoughts on “Margate Voters Will Consider Rebuilding Boardwalk on Nov 3 Election Ballot”

  1. HEADS UP MARGATE RESIDENTS!!! You must vote on Nov. 3rd! Mayor and Commissioners have been told how many times that residents DO NOT want a boardwalk through our town! They are still not listening to their constituents! Seriously, $285,000.00 to conduct a study? And $24,000,000.00 to complete but that’s last year’s price quote. Surely it will be considerably more now. Please, please step up on November 3rd…let’s put this thing to beg and vote this down once and for all!!!

    1. It will cost 2X more than budgeted since the 3 Amigos and their cronies will have to steal as much as possible. Find a government project that ever came in on budget, it never happens, especially in this town with NO real oversight.

  2. Why not wait and see what happens November 3 when it’s on the ballot. Don’t jump to conclusions that every resident in Margate doesn’t want the boardwalk built. There are no definitive numbers from Margate voters. November 3 will certainly give the community a better understanding of who wants the boardwalk.

  3. VOTE NO TO THE BOARDWALK!! Margate would lose is pristine charm and unique beauty if there were a boardwalk with thousands of people on it daily. It would again create years of a construction nightmare and cost millions that Margate City can ill afford.

  4. Developers cant wait to have Margate locals taxed out of Margate so they can build luxury hotels and other amenities. The Reeds Hotel in Avalon is $1,979 a night right now!! The Windrift is $600 a night. You can’t touch a beach block house in Avalon for under 4 million and highest end houses are now selling between 6 million and 10 million. You are Naïve if you don’t see where this tax force-out gentrification is going!!!

  5. Margate Charlie

    All of the “locals” are still forgetting who pays the lions share of taxes in our town. People like Constance are constantly using terms like residents and our town as if all homeowners are not entitled to an opinion on where their tax money is spent. Constance should probably move to one of those nice off island trailer parks where nothing ever changes, give up that 2 bedroom rancher so someone can put up a quality three story real house. It’s 2020 and she wants Margate to stay the same as it was 50 years ago, but the locals still vote in the same people they complain about. Theres no one old enough to write on this forum that will ever see Margate look like Avalon or O.C. even if every restriction on the books was abolished today. Some folks fight change just because they are afraid of change.

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