Ventnor School District Re-Opening Plan

On Thursday, August 6th at 5PM, the Ventnor school reopening plan will be shared with the Board of Education and the general public.

Dr. Carmela Somershoe, Superintendent of Ventnor School District will lead the presentation.

The meeting link will be posted at

The presentation include info regarding 2 options for students:

  • Hybrid in-person learning / remote learning
  • Full-time remote learning

The reopening plan is based on guidance provided by NJ Department of Education, NJ Department of Health, and Ventnor school reopening committee. The plan is subject to change.

Families interested in choosing the full-time remote only option can access the form here.

Send questions about school reopening to: [email protected]

Parent Request for Full-Time Remote Learning 2020-2021 Please fill out a form for each student you wish to enroll in the district’s Full-Time Remote Learning Program. SEE FORM HERE

In requesting that your child participate in a fully remote learning option, you agree to the following conditions:

1. The school day will consist of not less than 4 hours of student engagement, and a commitment of no less than 4 hours of live interaction with a teacher/staff member per week. For kindergarten, the school day will consist of no less than 2.5 hours of student engagement. With this option, the school district will accommodate opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous instruction to the maximum extent possible. Your child will required to sign in to online program and complete work in order to be counted towards daily attendance.

2. Upon entering a remote learning option, your child may not transition to an in-person learning option prior to the end of the each marking period.

3. If you intend on your child transitioning to an in-person learning option at the end of the marking period, you must submit a written request to the building Principal no later than 20 days prior to the end of the marking period. That request must include your child’s name, date of birth, and current grade. Classroom assignment may change due to in-person enrollments and availability.

4. Technology support to participate in a fully remote learning option will be provided by the district. You are responsible for communicating with the district regarding the functionality of devices and connectivity as a means of your child engaging in virtual activities.

5. You are responsible for ensuring strong lines of communication with your child’s virtual teacher, addressing immediate concerns with the teacher first, and contacting the building principal if a concern is not readily resolved.

6. Breakfast and Lunch are available for purchase through the school district at your determined full/reduced/free rate, and can be picked up from the school on a weekly basis.

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