Ocean City Realtor Contracts Warn Buyers About Wind Turbines

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Dangers of Dual Agency. Is your agent double-dipping?

Commission x 2.

Ocean City Realtors warn home buyers about wind turbines.


Buyer understands that Seller, real estate broker, broker-salesperson or salesperson has no special training or expertise with Offshore Wind Projects or their transmission of power. Buyer advised to obtain their own independent information on Offshore Wind Projects.

Dealing with Multiple offers.

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6 thoughts on “Ocean City Realtor Contracts Warn Buyers About Wind Turbines”

  1. Maybe the Realtors should also warn about global warning and the potential fact that their property will be surround by water as the ocean rises. I’ll choose the wind mills.

    1. Do you really think windmills off of NJ, or off of anywhere for that matter, are going to prevent the oceans from rising and saving the shore towns from flooding? Why would a bank lend anyone any money to purchase a shore home if there was a chance of that? They wouldn’t. It’s also naive to say the least when nearly 1B people live in abject poverty without running water, electricity, access to proper nutrition or medical care. Those countries are going to build coal plant after coal plant to provide for their populations. So why ruin a good south jersey shore town view and kill the delicate coastal ecosystem under a false pretense?

  2. dual agent is a waste. better to get licensed yourself and get the deal done without hassle and less out of pocket

    1. Joseph Serpico

      Preach Al!

      You’re right. Getting a realtors license in NJ takes only five minutes. Everyone should do it.

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