Parents Flee Atlantic City School District

Senator Vince Polistina recommended a take over of the Atlantic City school district. Yes, it’s that bad. Not only financially corrupt, but demonstrably dangerous for young students.

Daily assaults in the hallways. Most not reported to local police. No wonder school enrollment is on a fast decline.

Lack of vo-tech type classes and low academic standards keep parents away from Atlantic City public schools. It’s a disgrace.

Atlantic City Mothers Coalition

Sexual assaults on the rise within Atlantic City High School. Arrest not always made in timely fashion.

Watch Breaking AC video.

WPG Radio : No sense of urgency to investigate Atlantic City students being sexually assaulted.

Atlantic City School Board member John Devlin: State Monitor Morriss allowed return of disgraced school boss Barry Caldwell in key district position, even after AC school board voted him down. The hiring of Caldwell was not on the Atlantic City Board of Education meeting agenda of December 13, 2022. Board members given no advanced notice by LaQuetta Small.

Atlantic City School District Ripe for Another Student Sex Abuse Investigation.

The Atlantic City School Board. A corrupt, ding-a-ling solicitor. A thin-skinned BOE president. And Queen LaQuetta, a proven failure at protecting and educating kids.

Caldwell was in charge when cousin of LaQuetta Small, Kayan Frazer, took home young children for overnight stays. Small did not contact local police. Small, the wife of AC Mayor Marty Small, allowed her cousin to work as sub-teacher in other elementary schools. Months later, known pedophile Frazer, started a NJ state job working with troubled kids.


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