Partner of Bocca Margate Owner Under Cannabis License Scrutiny

Lou Freedman Bocca Cannabis Partner Fraud Margate
Lou Freedman

Lou Freedman is the owner of Bocca Restaurant in Margate. He wants to open a ‘cannabis cafe’ in Atlantic City, just a few blocks from Stockton University.

Unfortunately for Freedman, his choice of partners could be a deal breaker for his proposed marijuana marketplace.

Freedman, of Margate, owns a quarter of the business. He is partnered with Holly Pugh of Absecon, Rashon White of EHT, and Jason Lentz of Atlantic City.

Holly Pugh is the wife of Brian Pugh, who was just sentenced to 37 months in prison for his role in a health care scheme that defrauded state and local health care programs and other insurers of more than $50 million. : The scope and sweep of the medical fraud scam Brian Pugh was part of would seem to warrant an intense and public review of his wife’s pot license application. Info is shielded from public scrutiny under the state’s cannabis law, which is exempt from New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act.

Freedman and Legal Distribution LLC want to open a micro dispensary at 3112-3114 Atlantic Ave. in Atlantic City. Just steps from Stockton University.

Brian Pugh is a former co-owner of Atlantic City’s Tony’s Baltimore Grill.

Holly Pugh is the wife of Brian Pugh, who is headed to federal prison for his role in a multimillion-dollar fraud.

According to CRDA’s Lance Landgraf, restauranteur Lou Freedman already had approval for a restaurant on the first floor.

Are cannabis applicants properly vetted? CRDA already gave the green light.

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Wife of benefits-fraud recruiter is partner in would-be Atlantic City pot dispensary

The wife of an admitted recruiter in a massive medical insurance fraud scheme is a partner in an application for a licensed pot dispensary in Atlantic City.

Read more at BreakingAC.

Lance Landgraf is the director of planning and development for the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Landgraf is also a Ventnor City Commissioner.

9 thoughts on “Partner of Bocca Margate Owner Under Cannabis License Scrutiny”

  1. If these business owners do as much for Atlantic City as they have done for their own communities ( child program donations, sports teams, school support,charitable sponsorship,hiring autistic and challenged youth and adults) great addition to a struggling city..
    By the way all licensing was approved earlier this week..its a done deal..
    How many more anti Bocca and lou freedman articles to come?
    Mrs Pughs reputation and application are unquestioned by the people that matter and make decisions. (Meaning not you)
    Look around town your missing the bigger picture..

    1. Not last summer grandmom..
      Summer 2020 and 2021 the city council granted the application (remember covid?)
      Last 3 summers however and now beyond gave city beach land to another venue. All good with that?

  2. Atlantic City’s Mayor Marty Small is a shit show! How long are we gonna watch this man, his wife and employees do nothing but hang out with celebrities? Those celebrities aren’t doing anything for Atlantic city.

    I’m wondering how long it’s going to be before Atlantic city wakes up. This man is putting on a show. His main focus is being seen. It’s more of a popularity campaign for him. This man does NOTHING for Atlantic city.

  3. Ventnor resident 30 years

    I believe that most A.C. Mayors for the past 50 years have been corrupt. It doesn’t take much to research A.C. past elected officials. With all the money flowing from the casinos the city is still dirty and dangerous. Keep electing bad actors!

  4. Just wondering … is one of the four partners identified, Jason Lentz of Atlantic City, the same Jason Lentz who is the girls’ varsity basketball coach at Atlantic City High School?

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