Parking Just Got A Little Worse In Margate.

Margate Parking

Parking has always been tight in the Margate business districts. Well bubby, it just got tighter.

Good luck parking your Escalade. The lot across from Johnny’s Cafe is now closed. Not just closed, but barricaded by a concrete blockade. Jeez.

The owners of that 26 car lot, reeeaalllllyy don’t want you to park there. It’s off limits as of a few days ago. Will this affect local business? We’ll see soon enough.

Turn it into a municipal lot? Great idea. That area could certainly use parking. Especially with a big, honkin’ golf attraction launching this summer.

The parking lot is up for sale. Our guess is that it’ll be developed into a mixed use, residential / retail complex.

See the listing here:–9412-Ventnor-Ave-Margate-NJ-08402

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2 thoughts on “Parking Just Got A Little Worse In Margate.”

  1. Jay Weintraub:
    We have a major problem in Our central business district. Johnny’s parking lot was sold . I was told and have not yet verified it but the property was sold at sheriffs sale. The person who bought the property has installed concrete barriers and now our town has lost much needed parking.
    The mini golf course will also need parking.”Where will all of our customers park?” asked one of the retail store owners.
    There is a problem if there is no parking and if no customers NO BUSNESS!
    This could have a spiraling effect. Soon properties will begin to lose value.
    We have a problem and we need to stand up and stop it now.

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