PODCAST > Margate Boardwalk Committee Talks Rally At Lucy

Listen: The Margate Boardwalk Committee were guests on the Primetime with Dan Klein Radio Show, on WOND 1400am, this past Monday night.

Glenn Klotz, Steve Davidson and crew, shared the latest details on their efforts to rebuild the Margate Boardwalk. They also reminded listeners about the Margate Boardwalk Rally at Lucy the Elephant, this Sunday, Aug 26., at 5:30p.


Some items discussed on the Dan Klein Radio Show:

A Boardwalk survey will be taken soon. Maybe a petition, then a referendum in the Spring of 2019.

All 3 Margate Commissioners seem to be hedging their bets on a Boardwalk.

Klein talked about Ocean City re-decking of their Boardwalk.

Klotz: Boardwalk costs at this time, are speculative.

Experts suggest that financing the rebuild of a Margate Boardwalk, can be easily accomplished through a mixture of grants, long-term bonding at low interest rates, sponsorship and donations.

Would a Margate Boardwalk help in traversing over those dunes? Yes. Of course.

Getting to the beach. Not so easy anymore. Crossing 4 lanes of Atlantic Ave can be hairy. Especially with kids in tow. Sometimes, it’s actually quite dangerous. In Ventnor, where the speed limit is 35 mph, it even worse. All Downbeach towns need to do a better job in making pedestrians and bikers….more safe.

Klein: Ocean City dunes are wider and shorter. You can still enjoy water views and breezes. OC played a major role in design their dunes. But for some reason, Atlantic City, Margate & Ventnor had little input into their dune design.

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  1. Stephen Davidson: As a member of Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC) we are advocates of the boardwalk and believe in the betterment of Margate because of it. We believe that it will correct the problems that the beach project caused to the access of the beach for all people handicapped, old, families and such. We believe that it will enhance Margate and the region. That a boardwalk will add open space and connect Margate with the ocean that was taken away when a wall of sand was put between the bulkhead and the ocean. That the dune provides as the Army-Corp says protection for a boardwalk, will protect a boardwalk built in Margate. That the beach project and the outfall system for the good it did to Margate protecting us from hurricanes, nor’easters and rain storms changed Margate connection with the ocean. The beach project was built on a design for a boardwalk town (Ventnor and Atlantic City). The dead zone the 150 feet of sand behind the dune can be utilized for a boardwalk. Since Margate was put in a designed beach project for a boardwalk a boardwalk is what is needed to correct the problems that the project created. That Margate needs to give back to the citizens that which was taken away from them by joining the project, the project caused a problem that the boardwalk is needed to correct. We can’t keep saying just go to Ventnor’s beach and boardwalk if you want easier access to the beach or enjoy the ocean that is wrong and will hurt Margate in the long run. We believe that the added assets of a boardwalk will make Margate a much more desirable town. That it will provide better security and ambulance access to those on the other side of the dune. The Margate Boardwalk Committee is focusing our abilities and attention on getting a boardwalk built in Margate that is our soul mission. We believe that most of Margate has similar feelings about the beach and boardwalk, it is MBC’s mission to join them in one voice.

    1. Has anyone addressed the cost of maintaing boardwalks in OC more important in Ventor.

      The govt messed upour beaches now we build a boardwalk to rectify it.

      Bosrdwalk sounds nice if the burden is not on the tax payers, especisllt those that have no voice in our govt elections and decisions since they are not year round residents but ,,pay same taxes.

      When this fiasco takes place hopefully It will include Longport and to the rocks at the.” inlet

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