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Ventnor Boardwalk
Ventnor Boardwalk

When the team of DownbeachBUZZ moved to Ventnor full time a few years back, we were amazed at just how much we DIDN’T know about this wonderful shore town. Sure, we drove thru it on a weekly basis, getting from Brigantine to Margate. But nothing really caught our eye as we drove down Ventnor Ave, except for a shuttered movie theater and a few non-descript business districts.

True story. We had no idea how awesome the Ventnor Boardwalk was. Actually, we kinda knew it was there, but it was easily forgotten. Out of site. Out of mind. When in AC, we never wanted to walk that far up the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Fear of the unknown, I guess.

Ventnor Pier
Ventnor Pier

The Ventnor Pier was another hidden gem we had little knowledge of, prior to 2014. How could we know? Can’t see it while driving down Ventnor Ave., the City’s main drag.

Limited marketing and awareness is not uncommon for many destinations along the Jersey shore. For years, we scratched our head over how little most knew about the City of Brigantine Beach, the little town just north of Atlantic City. Ultimately, we determined that Brigantine leadership preferred to keep it that way. See:

To be sure, Ventnor has tried to market & promote its offerings, albeit with mixed results. While it’s certainly getting better, progress was slowed recently by scoundrels misrepresenting themselves. Unfortunate and un-official tourism & marketing activity that many, including us, mistakenly thought was ‘endorsed’ by Ventnor City Hall. That all ended badly last Summer. See Ventnor Tourism, Amazing Ventnor & the Ski Beach Concert Scam.

Those are just a few reasons why we started DownbeachBUZZ. To provide trusted (sometimes uncomfortable) news and information about Ventnor, Margate and Longport.

Ventnor Boardwalk Biking
Ventnor Boardwalk Biking

75% of Downbeach homeowners don’t read local papers or listen to local radio. These taxpayers are back at their primary residence during the off season, Sept thru May.

Newspaper has greatly reduced readership and circulation. Skeleton staffing makes it worse. Who’s covering the news? Who’s keeping an eye on those spending your tax dollars?

Whereas Margate & Ocean City have their own, independent taxpayer associations, Ventnor leadership decided to hand select a commissioner-friendly ‘citizen advisory’. This publicity stunt was not unexpected.

We are not alone. Many others like us, love this place called Ventnor. We just can’t understand why Ventnor has no brand, logo or marketing slogan. Yes, we need that stuff more than ever, as most shore towns become dependent on 3 summer months. Just 15 weekends to make a profit.Ventnor Margate

Paula D on social media says: I’ve been a Ventnor summer person for 13 years. I knew nothing about this town when we bought our house and of course, we all love it. But as a promotional products salesperson, I have a hard time showing my pride for the town because I haven’t found much Ventnor logo merchandise. What I have found, I purchased in Margate! Is there a reason for this?

Here ya go…

Check this out from Jennifer Langner, a local Ventnor resident. She’s trying to fill the void with her tee-shirt shop called Sandy Toes Studios. It’s all dedicated to Ventnor and the surrounding beach towns. She has an ‘Etsy’ shop online, where she sells high quality, silk screened images on t-shirts and other novelty items.

Visit Sandy Toes Studios here.

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