Press of AC: Margate Commissioners Need To Re-Open Essex Ave, Now.

Essex Ave, Public Safety Liability.

The Press of Atlantic City editorial board says Margate Commissioners should reopen North Essex Ave…. now. Blocking Essex Ave in Margate for Bocca Restaurant is not only a gift to one private business, but the street closure ‘interferes with access by fire and health emergency vehicles.’

bocca essex ave margate becker
Becker, Amodeo, Blumberg.

Press of Atlantic City: Mayor Becker, along with Margate Commissioners Amodeo & Blumberg, engaged in ‘improper gifting’ to a private business; Bocca Restaurant.

‘The way it was done seems improper‘.

Neighbors say city didn’t notify them that street would be closed again, for 2nd year. They had no opportunity to object.

Margate homeowners patience abused. Summer 2022 could be more of same.

essex bocca margate
Bocca Street Takeover on Essex Ave.

Neighbors claim Margate’s Mayor Becker buried the street-closing resolution within the so-called ‘consent agenda’, typically used for non-controversial issues only.

margate bocca essex ave mayor becker

Press of Atlantic City: Margate Commissioners should re-open North Essex Ave, now.

Jacqui D:  Margate’s gift to one business is disregard for Margate taxpayers. Three Amigos grant variances for Bocca, redevelopment projects on Amherst Ave, and a new school superintendent.

Alec Freedman: Margate gave THOUSANDS of square feet of public space to Ventura’s Greenhouse. A portion of the beach, even larger area than Bocca got.

Ventura Greenhouse Margate
Ventura’s using public beach.

Press of Atlantic City: Just because Becker and his fellow commissioners see a particular weakness in Bocca doesn’t mean other restaurants don’t have needs that officials could satisfy with government resources.

Note: Some grass roots efforts (trolling) are underway to:

  • Extend live, outdoor music til 10p, midnight on weekends.
  • Close Essex Ave again for Summer 2022.
  • Permanently close Essex at Ventnor Ave.

Mayor Becker & Margate Business Chamber’s Berger.

26 thoughts on “Press of AC: Margate Commissioners Need To Re-Open Essex Ave, Now.”

  1. Concerned citizen

    In Press of Atlantic City editorial, Mayor Becker implied that there were no objections to Essex Ave being closed for benefit of Bocca.

    That’s not true.

    Most of the neighborhood (not just residents of Essex Ave) are against this huge, inconvenient disruption and have said so.

    If people had known that this closure was going to happen again this year, they could have protested more vigorously. However, the closure was slid through with no public warning.

  2. Jay I Weintraub

    The Mayor and the other two commissioners did a favor for a good ole boy.

    They pushed through a Consent order with no public notice and not providing time or access to those who might have been opposed to this matter.

    Shame shame shame!

    Last year I agreed with their decision to help Bocca.
    This year is disgraceful.

    No regard for the homeowners on Essex nor for any of the residents on surrounding streets impacted by this closure.

    Why are we as a city allowing a business to expand their capacity,revenues and profits with little to no overhead.

    We the citizens are paying the price.

    Extending the music is not acceptable either.
    Bocca had indoor music prior to Covid.
    Do it again!

    Should hundreds of homeowners in Margate be disregarded just to make one business more profitable……….NO!

    They did fine for years without blocking the street and destroying the quiet enjoyment that homeowners are entitled.

    We need to end this abuse of power and taking care of friends of our Commissioners at the expense of others.

  3. Billie Jane Maul

    How honest and understanding it would be for the community to hear something from Bocca….. something like, “We appreciated being able to use the street last year during the pandemic. Now that we are able to return to our past business operations, we want to thank the City and the neighboring residents for their help and understanding.”

    1. Billie Jean – while that would be nice, it’s just words. How about they donate back to the community for the gift they’ve been given? How about finding programs, resources or projects that benefit the community with the additional revenue they generate from the Essex closure, without having to pay a dime in extra taxes?

      1. Just return to normal business practices. The street is not for private business. I’m totally surprised that (street closure ) was allowed.

        Everyone is a bit edgy right now. I would sure think more of them if they admitted that they were a bit selfish in their request and apologize.

        1. Billie Jane Maul

          I was the one who posted the anonymous entry above. I obviously forgot to enter the needed info. Let’s settle this Bocca…in a proper manner before this whole thing gets out of hand. No more nasty posts please. They are not necessary. I would like to see Bocca withdraw their request. It’s as simple as that. Might take some guts, but it’s the right thing to do and I would applaud you for being a good Margate business owner and citizen.

          1. Billie Jane Maul

            This issue is about Bocca. Not other places, not the Commissioners, not music, not Lamberti’s not anything else It’s about Bocca. Please keep your posts to that only.

          2. Disagree, Billie Jean. It is about Bocca but it’s also about how the Commisoners allowed them to get very preferential (unique) treatment that was not afforded to others, without so much as a meaningful hearing or vote. It also may quite possibly be illegal relative to the rights of those homeowners in Essex affected by the street closure.

          3. Response to Laura:
            You are absolutely correct in saying that the issue here also involves the Commissioners. I meant that other establishments, other issues, bashing and personal feelings should not be discussed here.
            The headlines for this story line reads “Margate Commissioners need to Re-open Essex Avenue Now”. We need to just stick to that.
            Appreciate your response.

      2. I don’t want to get involved in this debate for a nanosecond; however , Bocca has always donated to the community, and is willing to help in a variety of ways. I guess those who don’t live here all year may not realize this. Lou has been very very generous and community minded since he opened, so it’s not fair to say he needs to give back. He does!

        1. That’s fine and dandy. Is he giving back MORE now, since he’s been gifted the outdoor space with no additional taxes – a luxury that so many other restaurateurs haven’t been given?

        2. You meant to say that the owners have consistently paid off the community with his “donations” so that he could do what he wanted….right?

  4. Politicians are not concerned with Margate taxpayers. This Essex Avenue issue is illegal and should go to court.

    Amherst Avenue is another ongoing problem. No respect or regard for home owners.

    LAMBERTI’S is the most horrific deal. Residents have to look at this this monstrosity. One hell of a view.

    If Lamberti did not pay $650,000 for the bulk head, this building would not have been this high. It ruins the appearance of Amherst Avenue too. Now it has been an eye sore for three years. How much longer will it be like this? Does anyone care? No, they DO NOT care about Essex Avenue and Amherst Avenue residents.

    Their only concern is their greed and power.

  5. Suckers. Proves that if you don’t really live in a town, you have no say as to what goes on there. The tourists and the drunks, in essence, make all the decisions. Everything is done for them (and their brats), and not for you.

    1. But only those who live in the town have the power to get rid of these political hacks… and yet they’re re-elected over and over again.

  6. Bocca made a lot of money from PPP. They don’t need financial help from closing Essex Ave.

    Every other restaurant complies. Those concrete barriers prevent a life saving vehicle to get down that street quickly. Open the road!

  7. If Bocca continues to disappoint people with lack of service, they won’t be around much longer. Last week, people were leaving because they waited hours for their food, and never got it.

    1. Margate Charlie

      Bocca expands their capacity by 40 or 50%, but that doesn’t expand their grill capacity or bathroom capacity.

      They may have decent bar food, but waiting hours for it, is actually funny.

      Since masks are not required and seating is back to pre-Covid conditions, all Covid related deals should be reverted back to normal operations.

      Give folks on North Essex back what is rightfully theirs. They didn’t buy a house on a dead-end street. No hand shake deal should change that.

  8. Ok, I’ll play along. How exactly do residents (ie, the ones who CAN vote) only care about tourists and drunks? Please, enlighten us. Your blind hatred against everything and everyone is clearly clouding your judgement.

  9. This issue does not just relate to BOCCA. It reflects the commissioners’s preferential
    decisions many times over the years. Remember, this will not be the last.

  10. Maybe Howard should try to convince Margate to close off a section of Gladstone and Ventnor Ave(Frontenac wouldn’t fly because DOwnbeach Liquor’s parking lot is there) in Summer 2002 to put tables out there and hire waiters to serve Casel’s deli sandwiches and sides.

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