Pro Tips: Dealing with Ventnor Heights Flooding

Long time resident Susan Van Duyne Hunter shared a few pro tips about coastal flooding.

The following social media suggestions were developed especially for new residents and business owners in Ventnor Heights.

  • Follow Ventnor City Facebook for notifications about (flooding) and Dorset Ave closures.
  • Sign up: Ventnor City Emergency Management text notifications. Lots of storm info there.
  • Learn about tides. Especially for MODERATE tidal flooding. MINOR is usually ok (accept Edgewater and Surrey)
  • Find a (safer) spot. Move your car ahead of time. Atlantic Ave. is good. Then walk over the (Dorset) bridge.
  • Get knee high wading boots. Keep in car so you can get home if you get stuck on other side of bridge.
  • Never drive through saltwater. It will 100% ruin your wheel bearings and breaks. I’ve done it.
  • If you did drive through saltwater, go to carwash and rinse tires and undercarriage well. ASAP.
  • Never swim in floodwater. Never think it’s cute for kids to boogie board in it. It’s dangerously gross. Dog poop leavers are the reason.

Margate also has a problem with flooding. Much of it from back bay surge, not front ocean surf.

Flood Prone Areas of Ventnor

From FLOODLIST : Being a fairly flat, coastal area, Ventnor doesn’t have any “natural” drainage system, where flood water will flow away down hill or down stream. The flat, low lying areas of the city will therefore often see flood water linger for quite a long time, especially tidal flood water. Eventually the drainage system is able to clear the flood water, which is mostly directed into the Back Bay area, possibly making it more vulnerable to further flooding or back-flow flooding.

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  1. Ventnor Heights homes are built on what was once very low swamp land. This area was filled in over many years before homes were constructed.

    Eventually with rising water levels and very high tides, this area will become uninhabitable. There is no way to stop the water from rising.

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