Reader Feedback: A Vibrant Ventnor Starts Right Now

Stacey Sash Jaskol says: I envision a Ventnor that has vibrant downtown areas, with people of all ages coming to live, visit, shop, eat, drink and play. Ventnor needs to be doing everything possible to increase revenue and attract visitors and residents to our community.

Restaurants with the ability to serve drinks to their customers will have an enormous positive impact on our economy, not only from the sale of the licenses but from increased spending in Ventnor in the restaurants and surrounding businesses, increased local jobs and starting a much needed revitalization of the downtown areas. There is no reason to lose restaurant business to surrounding towns that do offer drinks in restaurants.

This is our time, right now. We have a major university and several other companies moving in right next door, bringing students, families, faculty, administrators and workers, with more to come. The liquor licenses are only the beginning in a progressive and proactive approach to increasing Ventnor’s value as a destination to live, visit, shop, eat, drink and play. It’s time to find ways to get rid of the vacant buildings and vacant lots in our commercial areas I’d much rather see popular and attractive restaurants filled with people enjoying their time in our wonderful community by the sea.

Restaurant goers will continue to support the BYOs, but we need this option as well. And to those who oppose this wonderful idea – does anyone really think that the ability of 3 restaurants to serve drinks to their customers during dinner will result in hoards of drunk people ruining our community?

Stacey Sash Jaskol

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