Residents Plead with Margate Mayor: Please Warn Against Rabbit Poison.

Margate Commissioners Rabbit Poison Dog
Margate Commissioners Facing Blame for Pet Deaths?

Another dog has died, possibly due to Margate property owners trying to slow the spread of garden-eating rabbits.

Did a neighbor spread poison to kill the rabbits?

Resident Angela Paul pleaded with the 3 Margate Commissioners on Sept. 2.

Paul showed pictures and carried the box containing ashes of her little Bichon that died on August 26.

Resident pleads with Margate Mayor

‘There’s something going on in Ventnor, Margate and Longport that I was unaware of. People trying to get rid of bunnies overtaking the city. They are putting down rat poison. If I knew this, I wouldn’t have walked my dog. I wish is that I knew it was happening’.

Margate Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg have largely ignored pleas for better public awareness.

Next door in Longport, Mayor Russo has been proactive. Russo quickly issued public warnings about potential dangers to dogs that come in contact with poison or dead rabbits.

Margate Residents Want Rabbit Poisoning to Stop.

Please warn pet owners about the dangers that lurk on manicured lawns edged with tender flowers.

Please send a letter to all households warning pet owners and parents of young children about the hazards of putting out poisons that can be disastrous.

Veterinarians familiar with the situation believe dogs are sometimes prone to eating rat poison or rabbit poop.

Social Media is no longer an effective way to share critical information. Few see the posts. Too many municipalities rely on Social Media sites or the declining Press of Atlantic City.

Stephania Saienni-Albert: People lack insight. Why would someone purposely want to destroy wildlife? I am saddened by having to dispose of two dead bunnies on my street before my daughter saw them. We need to be very diligent with our children and our pets while outside. I am hopeful that these people responsible are caught and criminally prosecuted.

Judi Weinberg: No living thing should be poisoned- there are better ways to keep rabbits away from your plants

End Animal Poisoning. Sign the petition.

I am creating this petition in hopes to end the use of poison to hurt an animal . The bunnies eat the poison. The rats, mice and raccoons eat the poison . They leave feces in your neighbors yard. Their dog licks the paws that walked on that fecal matter. It’s a never ending cycle and animals are dying because of it. Please help me spread awareness as to why it’s unsafe, impractical and unkind! There are more holistic ways to repel wildlife from eating your tomatoes. Sign petition here.

11 thoughts on “Residents Plead with Margate Mayor: Please Warn Against Rabbit Poison.”

    1. You wouldn’t mind offering PROOF, would you? Not innuendo, not allegation, some actual scintilla of evidence since you’re stating it as fact. Perhaps we should all just post allegations about you, Jo, since that’s the standard you’ve established? And do not mistake my comments as support for the commissioners/mayor whatsoever — I think they have done some foolish, misguided things — but connecting that directly to allegations of graft with zero proof is entirely inappropriate.

  1. Isn’t it up to the dog owner to:

    1. Keep their dog from eating a dead animal of any kind?
    2. Check their property every time they let their dog out into their yards for dead animals?
    3. Keep off other people’s property AT ALL TIMES as not only is it rude but also is TRESSPASSING?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Wait, on your planet you’re not allowed to walk your dog on the edge of someone’s lawn even if you clean up after them?

      I’m not speaking about crossing a fence or barrier. And apparently you’re just fine if poisonous chemicals to rabbits are used (despite non-fatal alternatives), such that the simple act of walking a pet on someone’s lawn makes death or extreme illness for your pet acceptable?

      Perhaps change your name from what you allege is Truth to something more realistic, like Evil or Hatred.

      Tell your friend he’s just miserable, like his every other comment.

      1. I don’t see why you’d presume to have some right to let your animal poop on someone else’s property even if you clean it up a little – can I come poop on your kitchen floor if I wipe most of it up with some paper or pick up what I can with a plastic bag? I understand this is what dog owners have become accustomed to, and most people probably don’t mind too much, but I don’t agree it’s your right to let your dog crap on other people’s property.

        1. Right on sister! These dog owners are becoming the biggest pains in the butt ever. They think they can do whatever they want with their poop machines, including trespassing onto someone else’s property.

        2. So Nunya, using your (and Truth’s logic) that is punishable by a pet’s death? There is a big difference between walking down the sidewalk and having a dog relieve itself versus ignoring a sign, going inside a fence other barrier and no cleaning up. The very vast majority of pet owners are respectful and clean up if needed. Other in the minority don’t. Is killing pets for it really the answer?

      2. On what planet? On the planet that states that even the edge of the property is THEIRS and NOT YOURS. Keep your poop machines to yourselves and curb them, oh, I don’t know … ON THE CURB maybe? Using poisonous chemicals to kill pests is legal and totally acceptable. Again, keep your poop machine within your own property and off someone else’s property and you won’t have any problems. Then, the simple act of ILLEGALLY TRESSPASSING onto someone’s property might not have such fatal consequences. Nice try on the “you must be miserable” BS. Yeah… the commies love to use that one when trying to legitimize why they can trample on your rights to do what they want, even when they know it’s wrong.

        1. Can you actually hear the miserableness and hatred flowing from you? Poop machines… a dog walking on the edge of your lawn curbside is trespassing? And then tying this to Commies? I’d love to know who hurt you so badly that it had made you such a miserable tool. I truly pity those you’re genetically linked to. Legitimize? Try reading. Clearly, you’re legitimizing pet death for walking or peeing on your lawn. Heck, why not shoot the owner too… guessing you’re all for that based on the evil you spew.

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