Ventnor Parents Waking Up to Atlantic City High School Mis-management?

Are Ventnor parents finally waking up to wasteful spending and growing danger within Atlantic City High School?

  • Only 25% of Atlantic City High School students can pass a basic Math or English test.
  • AC School District leadership fumbling student violence and child predator problem.

Ventnor sends 191 students to Atlantic City High School at a taxpayer cost of $4 million.

With that student number, Ventnor gets a seat on the Atlantic City Board of Education.

It should be noted that Ventnor is often the SWING VOTE on many key issues. Many involving contracts and salaries.

Poor test scores and student safety are rarely discussed.

Michael Cupeles is the current Ventnor rep on the Atlantic City School Board. He’s the 4th one in the past 14 months.

Ventnor Michael Cupeles School Board Atlantic City

As part of her official duties, Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman selected Michael Cupeles as the Ventnor rep.

(DownbeachBUZZ reached out to Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman for comment. She did not respond.)

On his debut as an AC Schoolboard member, Michael Cupeles voted YES to give outgoing School District Supervisor, Barry Caldwell, a 12% raise.

As is too common in the public sector, Caldwell was clearly padding his pension. AC & Ventnor taxpayers were OK with this, it seems. Even the Press of Atlantic City looked the other way.

Ventnor should take that $4mil and give it to parents, allowing them to send their kids to a quality high school of their CHOICE.

Kids would get BETTER & SAFER education at a lower cost.

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Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and High School

Who’s in Charge of Atlantic City?

The Principal of ACHS is LaQuetta Small, wife of Mayor Marty Small. During his lifetime, AC Mayor Marty Small was arrested 13 times, but got off every time. No matter how damning the evidence. Small was charged with a variety of crimes: assault, selling drugs in a school zone, voter fraud, etc.

LaQuetta Small once hired her cousin (Kayan Frazier) as a teacher substitute who was eventually fired due to continued child sex abuse. Small’s cousin, Kayan, was having regular student ‘sleep-overs’. Even after ID’d as child predator, a few months later, Small’s cousin was HIRED by NJ State Dept of Child Protective Services.

Who signed off on this? Why didn’t the Small’s warn NJ State?

NOTE: AC Mayor Marty Small and his ACHS principal wife, LaQuetta, DO NOT send their own kids to Atlantic City schools. Instead, they use private / charter schools.

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5 thoughts on “Ventnor Parents Waking Up to Atlantic City High School Mis-management?”

    1. Craven Moorehead lll

      You can’t blame The city or school for low test scores, that’s on the students and parents. There is nothing wrong with the school or the curriculum – this is the status quo for ghetto dwellers – blame everyone but themselves. You build them a nice new school, give them up to date learning tools but they want more. They complain about everything but they are the ones who also ruin everything. It seems the city people are always complaining about the suburban students having better learning conditions and they want the same but they are the ones who ruined the school and their own community in the first place. Sending city kids to the suburbs is not the answer, they will only bring that school down, keep them in their own district.

  1. Great to spotlight this. How about the pension padding by police where they give the soon to be retiring member a promotion to the pension bump spot they created for this purpose. It’s ridiculous to gauge a pension by only the last 3 years salary as it has ZERO correlation to whats paid in. ZERO…INTHE REAL WORLD, pensions are based upon whats PAID IN ….it’s nonsense welfare for CERTAIN public workers.

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