Sky High Munchies Delivers Expensive Snacks w/ Free Cannabis Gift

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Most Jersey shore towns like Margate & Ventnor voted against Cannabis retail and other weed-related business for now.

That doesn’t mean pungent marijuana smoke won’t be wafting through your Downbeach neighborhood.

‘Cannabis gifting services’ are on the rise. You go online to buy expensive snacks, get ’em delivered, then pick a sweet ‘gift’ of cannabis.

Sky High Munchies is a SJ delivery company that does just that.

According to their website, Sky High Munchies DOES NOT sell cannabis. Rather, they deliver late night munchie packages that include all your favorite snacks and treats.

Sky High Munchies then lets you choose a FREE OPTION when you purchase one of their ‘munchie’ packages. This can include up to 1 ounce of cannabis. As always, the choice is yours if you’d like an option with your favorite munchy.

Needless to say, the State of NJ doesn’t like these kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors. Nonetheless, these services look to be quite legal for now, even though the State of NJ says they’re circumventing the law.

From Easy online ordering and payment. Nice variety of products and strains for smokers and non-smokers. Friendly and discreet delivery.


New Jersey Attorney General issued warnings to those allegedly trying to circumvent local marijuana laws by “gifting” “free” cannabis with orders of high-priced snacks.

Adult-use cannabis is legal in New Jersey.

State and local laws still being re-written to deal with enforcing new weed legalization.

They only deliver in New Jersey. All customers must be 21 or older with proper ID,

6 thoughts on “Sky High Munchies Delivers Expensive Snacks w/ Free Cannabis Gift”

  1. Sky high, way to go

    I applaud their creativity in using a loophole to start a business rather than wait for NJ to finish forming their BS “commission”. Voters want this. Consumers want this. Many people don’t want to partake in toxic alcohol and it’s myriad health consequences, marijuana is a safer alternative. Plus many people have chronic pain or anxiety and benefit from the plant.

    Towns that banned these businesses are stuck in the past and have foregone massive tax revenue – the businesses will just deliver to your town and you lose out on the revenue. So incredibly stupid. Meanwhile these same towns promote a bars and fuel alcoholism and contribute to DUIs from all the drunks.

  2. Good for them

    Voters demand legal marijuana. Bureaucrats drag their feet with “studies” and “commissions” trying to figure out whose palms get greased. Towns ban a relatively harmless plant with proven health benefits while promoting toxic alcoholism via bars – encouraging drunken violence and drunk driving. And these entrepreneurs step up, find a legal loophole and give the voters what they want. The AG has no case here, they are correctly operating within the law. I support these business owners fully.

  3. Nothing wrong with it as long as you r over 18 I believe also there are a lot of people in pain even children who need it! If my children needed it I’d move to Colorado if It ment them being able to stop having seizures or pain! So all you no believers mind your business n worry about what goes on under your roof not mine!!!Pete aka Shovel!!!!!

  4. I support this. We voted for legalization and the jerks in government are dragging their feet. Good on them. I just found their site and I plan to order, heard of it from a coworker who likes their service. Our communities are being dumb about this. Local folks who live and work in South Jersey shore towns want this to enjoy in the privacy of our own homes. Apparently our government people want us to take our locally earned dollars and spend them elsewhere because they “dislike” what we voted for. But loud drunken fools on the weekends are A-OK? I don’t know about you but I would rather pass on the drunks.

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