Hansen Sober-Living Wants Ventnor Tax Exemption

Hansen Sober-Living Wants Ventnor Tax Exemption

Ventnor Commissioners met on Thursday, June 24.

Topics covered included ongoing litigation in the case of Hansen House vs The City of Ventnor.

Hansen House, a sober-living org, wants a Ventnor tax exemption.

Hansen filing tax appeals for her sober living homes?

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Hansen House is managed by Jennifer Hansen, part of the Margate family that owns the private, Downbeach Express toll road.

Hansen Sober Living vs Ventnor City Tax Litigation.

Hansen operates numerous sober-living homes in both Ventnor and Atlantic City. Three of these sober-living homes are side by side on one particular, Ventnor beach block.

Hansen filing for exemption from taxes. Based on, what they claim, is statutory criteria.

Ventnor Solicitor

Much of the litigation discussion happened in a closed-door, executive session. DownbeachBUZZ has requested a copy of the legal complaint.

In other Ventnor news…

Army Corp Digging up Buried Pipe.

Army Corp of Engineers, ACOE, still working offshore to dig up and remove buried pipes left behind by the dredging contractor.

Great Lakes Contractor left their pipe out there too long. It’s now covered by sand, just offshore.

Some sections have broken apart, making it more difficult to remove. Work will continue a bit longer.

Ventnor Pickleball Update.

Another pickleball court is about to come online at the Ventnor recreation playground. A new court is available in the spot where a former ‘practice wall’ was located.

Ventnor Endorses County-Wide, Municipal Court System.

By way of resolution, Ventnor voted to support a county-wide court system proposed by Atlantic County Exec, Denny Levenson.

10 thoughts on “Hansen Sober-Living Wants Ventnor Tax Exemption”

  1. Please advise as to how local Ventnor residents can organize and provide influence to the sober living residences discussion.

    I am a relatively new resident, see a lot published regarding this but little advice as to how private home owners can voice opinions in an impactful and meaningful way to influence the appropriate leaders. I mean action that goes beyond posting comments online.

    Are there meetings we should attend? Influencers with whom we should correspond? Thank you.

  2. I doubt Hansen runs these homes free of charge and pays the expenses out of their own pockets.

    If they do, and are TRULY A NON-PROFIT, then tax relief may be warranted.

    However, I suspect they run these house for not only moral reasons but also for financial ones. And if that is the case, and I am correct, then I find no more reason to give them tax relief, anymore than anyone who owns and lives in a property or runs a home business in Ventnor.

  3. Looking for tax exemptions while flooding Ventnor w/ worries of crime, as well as not contributing to business taxes.

  4. I live on the beach block mentioned. I have found excess of 25 to 35 young men living in narrow quarters, a constant source of disturbance! Especially into the evening hours, on the weekends, the noise level exceeds expectations.

    I would like to see this situation broken up moving forward.

  5. I know a people living in Hanson’s drug houses. It’s over $700 to move in and a weekly rate of $175.

    There are non-profits that pay for someone’s move-in fee and weekly. That’s why there is a huge turnover.

    One month, there was so many people that moved in and left, she made $10,000 at just 1 house in Ventnor.

    The millions this greedy fool makes covers her lavish vacations.

  6. Mayor Holtzman should recuse herself from any vote or participation in this issue since she has a personal relationship with Jennifer Hansen and Hansen’s business of running these sober homes.

    How can taxpayers of Ventnor afford to subsidize real estate tax on 29 sober home properties; many of them beach block?

  7. We’re at the Regency Towers. My older son (28) had a friend over last night. His friend locked his bike up in our parking garage at the bike rack. His bike was stolen.

    Stop allowing Ventnor to deteriorate.

    $10K taxes aren’t paid to have more crime come in. To allow Hanson an exemption on top of that, is another kind of criminality.

  8. I have a balcony view of two of these homes and have seen no problems. People need a second chance. One of these men could be someone you love. Please don’t assume that just because they are in recovery that they are also criminals.

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