St Leonard’s Tract Group Blocks Boardwalk Construction Over-Build.

St. Leonard’s Tract Association Ventnor Boardwalk

Chalk another one up for the St. Leonard’s Tract Association. Stepped up big time and put the brakes on a proposed expansion… on an already bulky, Ventnor Boardwalk home.

Owners wanted a variance to construct an elevated pool and deck that would likely create a massive wall, looming above the Boardwalk.

St. Leonard’s Tract Association Ventnor Boardwalk
Rendering: Dorset & Boardwalk

Boardwalk development within the community of St. Leonard’s Tract.

Residents noted that the Ventnor boardwalk actually increases property values for all homes in the area. Protecting the boardwalk benefits all local taxpayers.

When too big is not big enough. Or was it simply a design issue?

Lawyer representing the owner withdrew the application….for now.

St. Leonard’s Tract Association Ventnor Boardwalk
OCT 30, 2019

5900 Boardwalk: Property last sold for $1,600,000 on 2019-02-06.
Property was assessed for $0.00. Land was assessed at $1,524,800.00. Improvements to property were assessed at $1,524,800.00.
5900 Boardwalk costs SWAIN FAMILY (TRUST) $40,163.23 annually in taxes.

Owners wanted to extend their deck, closer to the Boardwalk. Deck would spill out over seawall, 4 ft above boardwalk.

10 ft front yard setback, where 15 ft is required. Fencing would be required to surround the pool.

Public Comment: Blocking of views. Negatively affect property values.

Boardwalks Boost Property Values.

5,000 sq ft, 5 bedroom home currently under construction at corner of Dorset Ave & Boardwalk.

Public comment: Eyesore. Monster. Granting a variance would set bad precedent for other Ventnor Boardwalk lots. Project would reduce air, light and open space.

It’s an over-reach. Deck with fencing beyond the seawall would be monolithic

More than one made the following point: The lot is big. 85 x 125 ft. Much larger than typical 60 ft lots in Ventnor. Architect should have been able to design property without variances.

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