Ventnor Crack Down on Non-Compliant Use of Public Parks, beaches, Playgrounds


Ventnor officials warning those who privately coach, offer services or do private events using city facilities without proper permitting.

Ventnor Commissioner Tim Kriebel: People who give classes or use our beaches and playgrounds for business may not like being regulated, but we’re in a litigious society. You’ve got to play by the rules. 

This includes those that provide private lessons using Ventnor playgrounds, parks or beaches. Especially those who hold larger events like multi-day pickleball tournaments, etc. 

Ventnor City Recreation
New Rules for 2023

Authorized and un-authorized use of Ventnor public property for profit has increased each year.

Some orgs get Ventnor City Hall permission to close a public property or playground for private events.  

Kriebel looked at other cities for best practices. Those that use our properties should follow legal requirements for indemnification.  

Have a revenue split, too. Some are 70 – 30. Split. Commissioner Kriebel is proposing a 80 / 20 revenue split.  

If you’re going to be giving a class, running a tournament, or do paid coaching on our properties, you’ve got to follow the rules.  

Director Tina Prickett and the Ventnor Recreation department introduced a new program called Rec Desk. Ocean City is already using this program.

Rec Desk tracks people attending an event. It knows who’s signing up. Money transacted. It gives Ventnor much needed control which has always been missing. 

Un-authorized advertising banners promoting a business or service prohibited on city or property. Ex: boardwalk banners attached to Atlantic City Electric poles.


8 thoughts on “Ventnor Crack Down on Non-Compliant Use of Public Parks, beaches, Playgrounds”

  1. If they pay the permit cost, shouldn’t that be sufficient? Doesn’t seem fair to do revenue split.

    Permits alone should be sufficient in our viewpoint. Seems very punitive to impose a revenue share cost. Taxes in Ventnor are high enough!

    Residents and business people are just trying to earn an honest living in the summertime. Oftentimes, it’s the beautiful Ventnor beaches or baseball fields where they work- even just part time.

  2. Public playgrounds are not for private, commercial use. Disgraceful that Ventnor Pickleball courts were shut down for 2 weekends this summer for private events.

  3. Taxpayers pay enough in Ventnor and Margate. If a proprietor wants to teach yoga or coach a for profit softball clinic, can’t they just buy a permit? There are costs involved in running small business and extra $$ splits to the city are just more expenses for the business owner. Can the residents vote on this or vote out whoever came up with this idea? These cities should focus on reducing real estate taxes and promoting our city.

    1. You’re only looking at the financial aspect, and ignoring the risk/indemnification part that is clearly referred to in the article. If someone is injured at a clinic or class on a city owned property, the city is likely to be part of any lawsuit. And they would drive UP taxes and costs.

      1. If someone gets injured on city land/properties, there is zero doubt that the city will be onjoined to any lawsuit. And you thinking that someone should be voted out (foolish) or removed from office (how!) over this one simple logistical issue is just naive and myopic.

      2. Good point. Doesn’t the coach or person hosting the clinic or class need to buy their own blanket insurance policy though to protect themselves and the city?

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